Friday, February 26, 2010

Better Odds

The odds on the new Meadowlands Stadium getting the 2014 season's Super Bowl just got slightly better, according to SportsBusiness Daily.

Arizona has decided not to place a bid for Supe XLVIII because of looming layoffs among safety and police. The overall economic climate just isn't conducive to holding a high-profile event like that.

Still, it's not a cinch the Meadowlands gets it. Miami and Tampa are still in the running. But Roger Goodell said in his Super Bowl state-of-the-league press conference that he'd certainly be interested in putting the NFL's showcase event in a cold-weather, open-air stadium. All the Giants and Jets have to hope is that the owners to the west and south aren't watching our lovely little snowstorm on TV.

Think warm thoughts, guys.


1 comment:

  1. NY is where it is at and would make a great location for a super bowl. One of the most entertaining playoff games, "the tuck game" was played in the snow and last I checked football isnt a strictly warm weather game. It is time!