Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old Giants Stadium

Here's an aerial shot of what the old Giants Stadium looks like today as its deconstruction progresses. Because of its proximity to the new stadium, they can't blow the thing up. So they'll tear it down piece by piece.



  1. I hope everybody enjoys the new stadium.... after all u suckers that go are paying for it.

  2. Wayno,

    I resent that comment. Listen, I don't agree with the PSL's and I know a number of people that can't afford them. But my family was fortunate enough to have enough cash to keep our original six tickets.

    What were we supposed to do?

    Most families pass down rings or a watch or some other trinket that has been in the family for generations.

    My family?

    It's been season tickets to the Giants. My great uncle originally purchased the tickets, passed them to my grandfather who passed them to my father and eventually they will be passed to me.

    I understand why people say the game is better in their living room, but this is our family heirloom. And there's no way we're giving that up.

  3. also the game is not better in your living room. well at least not a big game, giants week 16 game this year was better in the living room.

  4. U should have told them to shove it and if u really wanted tix, buy them cheaper thru brokers and then buy a nice cheap psl in a few years when the value plummets........... SUCKERS!!!!! Are u going to let Mara/Tisch piss on your family moseleum too?

  5. Are they going to find Hoffa under the stadium?