Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm not dumb enough to think anybody's going to give a rat's rear quarters about talking on this blog between Super Bowl XLIV's 6:28 p.m. kickoff and 10:15 or thereabouts. So I'll open things up to discussion now. And I'll have some short impressions of the game afterward.

In the immediate time frame, however, I want to know what you guys have planned for the game. Having a party? What's for eats? Going to a bar? Which one? Who's in a pool and what numbers did you get?

And is anybody watching the interminable pregame stuff?

Okay. We'll check back with you later. I'm rooting hard for the Colts just because I like the whole Manning angle. But I won't be heartbroken to see the Saints win. You know us journalists. Long deadlines, good stories.



  1. I have had a rather successful media blackout for the past two weeks, so I'm not as burned out on SB hype as I usually am.
    I'll be home with my wife and 2 boys, like we usually are on this day because I'm not much of a Super Bowl party guy. I can't enjoy the game with a drunken neighbor dropping his bean dip all over the place and the wives asking stuff like, "is that a home run?"
    I do have one dilemma though. I don't know who I should be rooting for. I can't remember the last Super Bowl when I didn't care who won. Very weird.

  2. I made some meatballs this morning and will make some subs for myslef and the lady for just before gametime. After that I plan on drinking heavily and then passing out. Have a great day Ern!!

  3. Getting together with friends and having a BBQ.

    I have all the respect in the world for P. Manning but I can't help but pull for the underdog - GO SAINTS!

    Chris B.

  4. Nobody likes the Manning family. Most overrated, overhyped group of people since the Kennedys.

    Go Saints!

  5. Wow!

    Payton finds his inner Favre! Unbelievable....

    Great win for NO!

    Chris B.

  6. The Saints laid the wood on the Colts today. Did you see Reggie Wayne looking for the tackler instead of looking the ball in? Drop!

    I didn't care who won--I just wanted to see a great game and I got one.

    As for the "nobody likes the Mannings" comment...I think you're being a bit of a douche. They've given more money and time to charity than most of the phonies in politics and Hollywood put together. Live with it.

  7. uh, it's "Peyton", not "Payton". How you got "Favre" correct, given your phonetic proclivities, is beyond me.

  8. Lets just say we raged for the superbowl....
    even though it was depressing the Gmen werent even in the playoffs this year