Thursday, February 4, 2010

Osi, Osi, Osi

Newest Twitter report from Mikey G says Osi Umenyiora thought his benching last season was "BS" and he won't stand for it again. And that he wants an answer -- read that assurances -- from the Giants before the preseason conditioning program starts in late March.

That may sound like he's trying to force a trade, but until it happens I'll continue to say he's not going anywhere. He'll get his assurances, too, in the form of "Shut up and make more than two plays a game," from the coaching staff.

It does lead me to believe that he might not show up at the "voluntary" conditioning program, which would be a shame. Coming off a year like that, with his surgical knee still shaky, he'd be wise to take all the supervised work he can get. Like I say, the best way out of the doghouse is production, and that can start with the offseason program and OTAs.

More to the present, Umenyiora simply needs to clamp his mouth shut now. No player on that defense is in a position to make any demands, except perhaps for direct-deposit of his paychecks.



  1. 2 plays a game?????? What were u watching, maybe 2 plays for the season. I told u this guy was gone last season and he is more than gone now. BYE BYE BABY OSI. Nice name by the way u jerk. It sounds like a gastrointestinal condition. "I got Osi's." "Oh good luck with that one, sheesh."

  2. Umenyiora couldn't shed a run block with a running chain saw. He is an above-average speed edge rusher who had a bad year rushing the passer last season coming off of the knee, but he is absolutely abysmal making run stops. He is a legend in his own mind and needs to get his head on straight. He's living in a fantasy world. I haven't seen a pro athlete this delusional about his own abilities since the first U.S. Olympic "Dream Team".

  3. The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007 with Osi as the starting RDE and was, perhaps, one Osi player away from repeating again in 2008. Instead, the guy gets injured and is taking longer to get back to his old self while the jury on this blog wants to write him off. Why?

  4. Cause he is saying a lot of stupid things in the media. He benefited well from his supporting cast. If Osi was anything like Strahan, the d-line would have been amazing this year. He is NOT a game changer, which was proven this year. If Osi wants to be a defensive leader, he needs to shut up and perform at a top level. Not crying to the media about a benching. I would love to know your conclusion that the Giants lost to the Eagles in the playoffs during the '08 season because Osi wasn't there. There was more going wrong in that game than just missing Osi.

  5. Ernie - How much of this nonsense do you believe actually stems from Osi wanting a new contract? I think this ALL about money. He wanted more cash BEFORE the Giants signed Canty and Bernard. Those two signings and the fact that neither guy did anything last season are probably the root cause of this. When has anyone cried this much when it was NOT about money? The guy is trying to negotiate a new contract over the airwaves which just goes to show he's not only a failure against the run, he's actually pretty stupid too.

  6. So because he speaks his mind, he's stupid. I can't say that I agree with that.

    And Strahan is a future Hall of Fame player. That doesn't come by often regardless how well a team drafts. It's like a Dallas Cowboy fan indicating that they would be so much better off with Aikman than Romo. It's unfair to compare the two. And if you want to take up that argument, Strahan wan't exactly injury free in all his years as a Giant. There were some so-so seasons followed by an injury and I don't think the masses were trying to write him off.

    And CE718, you're right. There were a number of things going on with the Plax fiasco right at the top. But one can't help to wonder that if the Giants don't split the 2 season games with the Eagles, the Eagles don't make the playoffs. Maybe Osi doesn't make a difference, but with how well the Giants were playing that year, there's no reason to believe it doesn't.

  7. Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

    From the Australian contingent (a misplaced American 1/2 the year).

    Chris B.

  8. "So because he speaks his mind, he's stupid."

    Nooooooo. Because he is making very public threats when he has no leverage, when he's looking for a raise, and he just finished an abysmal season - THAT is why he's stupid. RIF.

    Just for laughs, go into work this month, screw everything up, cost your company some money, bad mouth your boss, make threats against your company and demand a raise. Come back in March and tell us how that worked out for you.

  9. But Dweez115, he's not asking for a raise. He just wants to know whether the team/organization still view him as a starter, or whether his demotion is permanent.

    And if you have a contract that has a floor and ceiling of how much you make based on the amount of snaps taken/played, wouldn't you want to know?

  10. He's been asking for a raise for two years now. It's about the money. Every time he goes public and whines, it's about the money. As for having a performance based contract, yeah, I actually had one once. Made a killing that year, because I did my job exceedingly well. The company did away with those contracts because there were a group of "Osi-types" in the company that were enraged that me and couple of others made so much more than they did. They couldn't grasp the fact that we worked a hell of lot harder than they did. That's why I eventually started my own business. I know I can get the job done. IF Osi's contract IS incentive laden (which I doubt, because he has never complained that it is), then his beef is with his agent and himself. No one in the Giants organization put a gun to head and made him sign his contract. And, of course, there's always the option to actually go out and earn the incentives. They motivated me, but I freely admit it doesn't work for everyone. Which, again, means he should have made it clear to his agent that he didn't want that kind of contract. Finally, I have NEVER seen a demotion be permanent in professional sports unless the guy didn't have it anymore. Osi shows he's an All Pro DE at training camp AND learned how to stop the run, he will be on the field every snap, guaranteed. Coughlin knows an axe is over his head. The best player will be on the field. Tom's job depends on it. All Osi has to do, is be that guy. He TALKS a big game, now let's see him play a season's worth. As I Giants fan, I want the guy to succeed. I would love to see him become a HOF DE! I just don't see it happening and I find guys who talk more than they work, to be bores. Prove it on the field or shut up.

  11. Dweez115, your points are understood, but I just don't see this recent interview or him coming out to the media as talking too much. With that said, I'm sure that there are better ways to handle issues such as this, but it's really his prerogative.

    It's also a right that he earned to learn the reason for his demotion, and please don't refer to his run was never good. It just became more apparent because of all the other holes the Giants had along the front 7. So while Danny Clark is stinking it up every whcih way, why out of all players can you justify benching Osi and not him. I guess the Giants needed to field a team and couldn't bench everyone, but as a fan, I'm disappointed at just about everyone's performance on defense.

  12. "But Dweez115, he's not asking for a raise. He just wants to know whether the team/organization still view him as a starter, or whether his demotion is permanent."

    Which, in February, coming off of the year he had, is stupid. You made Dweez's point for him.