Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wilkinson tendered

Talented but injury-prone linebacker Gerris Wilkinson will receive a tender at his original round, which means the Giants would get a third-round draft pick this year if they decide not to match another team's offer sheet.

That kind of surprises me, considering Wilkinson has seen a minimum of playing time through his four-year career. Good kid, has skills, but simply cannot stay healthy. But since he will receive a tender, along with yesterday's news that DE Dave Tollefson will get a second-round tender, I'm now inclined to think the Giants might try to protect their other nine restricted veterans.

It would make sense, and basically wouldn't cost the Giants anything this year. You see, the looming uncapped season makes that possible. In capped seasons, the value of each tender gets subtracted from your total cap figure. The Giants had to be discriminating as to who they kept and who they decided to set free in the open market. But with the uncapped season ahead, there are no such worries. And besides, if a surprise accord does happen and a new collective bargaining agreement is put into place, with cap, the Giants can always revoke the tender as long as the player hasn't signed it yet.

So now it would be a surprise if DT Barry Cofield, G Kevin Boothe, CB Kevin Dockery, S C.C. Brown, TE Darcy Johnson, WR Derek Hagan, WR Domenik Hixon, T Guy Whimper, and WR Sinorice Moss didn't get tenders. The Giants have nothing to lose, and might even pick up a draft pick in the process.

UPDATE: Whimper was tendered at his original fourth-round draft position.

UPDATE: Cofield getting a second-round tender.

UPDATE: According to Newsday's Bob Glauber on Twitter, the Giants have told the agents of all their restricted free agents that they will receive tender offers. Makes sense.



  1. I like the strategy. But, if I were the giants I just wouldn't be able to bring myself to tender Brown or Moss.

  2. Okay, I think I see where you are going with that. As long as it does not cost as anything and we can always revoke the tender. From that list, I would keep Cofield, Boothe, Hagan and Hixon. I would not keep Wilkinson.

  3. We need new blood! Tollefsen, Wilkinson, and Whimper, whats next? Moss or Brown, ugh!

  4. if everyone is tendering all of their players then their will be no new blood to pick up

  5. New blood via draft, I guess. Again, just because we are tendering, does not mean we are re-signing.

  6. Ya, makes sense. But please, please tell me we won't see CC Brown in training camp! Let Moss go already. He could probably play for a bottom team in the league.

    Chris B.

  7. ALL, how can that possibly include CC????? For real, did these guys watch any of the games last year. I am seriuos when I say that if CC Brown gets tendered, the ENTIRE front office should get FIRED. CC????