Monday, February 1, 2010

All Day Sucker

Good story on about David Diehl playing the entire Pro Bowl yesterday because Minnesota's Bryant McKinnie backed out. Very entertaining read, and so indicative about how quickly, in just short of a month after the season ended, a guy can get out of football shape.

So now it's on to the Super Bowl, of which you and I will not be a part. But if there are any issues that come up during the week, we can certainly discuss them here. I'll be keeping an eye out for any reports my buddies down in South Florida send up. Right now, wondering if Eli Manning is down there yet. Peyton won't have a lot of time to huddle up with him this week, as players are kept fairly busy. But they do have time for a dinner or two toward the end of the week.

The good thing about the Super Bowl, from a sportswriter's perspective, is that there's plenty to write about. And there's plenty of availability. There was probably a press conference last night with about six or seven players from each team and the coaches. Same tonight. And starting tomorrow, with that stupid Media Day, where every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a camera and microphone get to come and act stupid (dumb questions, brides asking players to marry them, kid's cartoon network characters), players MUST appear and talk, under threat of a substantial league fine, for an hour each day until Friday, when the coaches give their final press conference.

The output of all this access winds up being so much non-football related pulp that few even read. But it's the exercise. Personally, I'm wondering what the final media count will be at week's end. Bet it's way down, given that papers are cutting staff and travel budgets wherever possible.

We'll keep an eye on things from here. And if anybody has any suggestions about discussion topics during the week, just chime in.


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