Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Viewers

Here's something for both sides of the NFL labor issue to consider:

Super Bowl XLIV was the most-watched television program of all time, with 153.4 million viewers. The estimated average of 106.5 million eclipsed that of the previous record-holder, the MASH finale in 1983 that drew an average of 106 million. I'm proud to say I'm a member of both groups. I'm guessing that doesn't make me unique, however.

The NFLPA and NFL management teams should now e-mail each person who tuned in and explain why, exactly, 32 teams and their players find it impossible to equitably divide an $8 billion pot.



  1. Ernie, I don't need the email from them. Already know the answer...GREED! How about this, give me a very small fraction of that pot to pay off my student loans! My life would be much easier at that point.

  2. Who can get by on 8 billion these days? Come o?. I mean, its not like people who buy the tickets and support the game are hurting, are they?

    Get a grip guys!!!!

    Chris B.

  3. There is just a lot of posturing mostly on the owners side. The owners have just been trying to push back the players advance since this whole process began about a year ago. The players don't get what is equitable now considering what they put on the line and the nature of the contracts they get. The owners and players both know what is on the line and neither would ever stop the gravy train so while this year will probably be uncapped and at most a few days of the 2011 training camp.

    The Tiches and Maras make me sick, each and every one of them who are NOTHING like their fathers. Acting poor while gouging the idiotic Giant Meadowlands going fans pisses me off every time they threaten the players. Yeah I said it PSL payers, u are all suckers and help the Tisch/Mara/Johnson oligarchs fleece the NY economy via a loyal fan base. U shoulda spent ur money on something else if u thought it was a family right because ur kid will be puking it out at a loss.

  4. Ernie

    You need a "like this" button like Facebook has....

  5. Ernie,
    It is because of the $8B in revenue that there will be a lockout/strike. If money was a scarce the 2 sides (and the owners amongst themselves)would band together to build the business for all involved. The NFLPA will not have leverage in 2011 as the TV money is guaranteed that year. The NFLPA will only have leverage in 2012 when the owners have to reach into their own pockets to satisfy their debt obligations. I see the 2011 season gone and at least part of the 2012 season as well.

  6. Don't get me wrong, I love the NY Football Giants, have for over 20 years. Moreover, I love the sport. But, it will be very hard for me to watch the NFL after a lockout. There was a time I loved college football more than the NFL and, with a lockout, that will be more likely where I am heading. I am just not going to take anyone seriously when they are arguing over the amount of money that players and owners are bickering about. On a side note, the UFL is licking their chops.