Monday, February 1, 2010

Bird Watching

Have to go west to Jets-land for a second here, just to say the reaction to Rex Ryan flipping off some lunkhead at a Mixed Martial Arts bout in South Florida is way, way overblown.

In fact, knowing what goes on and what's said in crowds that gather for MMA and wrestling shows, a raised middle finger and an expletive probably ranks as one of the milder moments of the evening. Those are crazy folks, right there.

If anything, Ryan might want to avoid those events in the future, so as not to put himself in situations where his emotions might be photographed getting the best of him. But let's face it, it was an MMA show. And the guy was heckling him. So let's not get too moralistic about it.



  1. Thank you Ern! Serby and his fake outrage is ridiculous. If anything this makes him more marketable, more likeable to Jets Fans and more likeable to football fans in general. Most of the locals in Miami are morons anyway and doubly so for those at the MMA event.

  2. Not sure why there is all this hate for MMA. Its a great sport. But, I am going to agree that everyone is making way too big a deal about this.

    I went to a MMA event a few years back in NJ. Mike Sullivan was sitting behind me. The whole O-line was there, sitting together. When I went over to talk to them we asked if they realized they were sitting in order. They didn't.

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Ern. Ryan needs to understand he's living in a fishbowl and needs to stay away from situations like this. That said, giving a moron the finger is probably the mildest thing he could have done. I give him some credit for keeping his cool and not decking the guy. We live in a "gotcha" society and it has made us, as a nation, mean spirited and vile. I miss the good old days when taking someone outside and "teaching him some manners" (no weapons, just fists) was not only socially acceptable but expected. You were civil back then or you had a broken nose to remind why you should have behaved better. While technology has brought us unimaginable gains it has also taken away quite a bit of our humanity.