Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tollefson Getting Tendered

According to Mikey G., who is on his way out to Indianapolis as we speak, three-year restricted defensive end Dave Tollefson has been informed that a tender offer is on the way. He'll be tendered at a second-round level, which means anyone stealing him away with an offer sheet has to give the Giants a second-round pick this year as compensation.



  1. good, i like his motor

  2. His motor.... What are u remembering the super bowl and run up to it? All he has done is get his but kicked on every non special teams play. I understand he played decent enough on ST but a second round tender???? The Giants need lots of new blood and with the lack of speed and pressure on d and Tollefsen a participant it was time to cut ties.

  3. Ernie,

    This surprised me because I just heard that Gerris Wilkinson got tendered. Wilkinson was tendered at his original drafted position, which was the third round. I guess If he signs an offer sheet from another team, the Giants will be able to match and will receive a third-round pick. I guess all they did here was insure their investment.

  4. Mitch:

    Actually, they'd get the pick if they decide not to match. They do have right of first refusal, however.