Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cofield Resigned to Re-Signing

As we pointed out in our rundown of prospective free agent defensive tackles, Barry Cofield will be a restricted player this year. The Giants will undoubtedly offer him a one-year tender, though Cofield is under no illusions about working toward a long-term contract during an uncapped 2010.

"The teams have the leverage," Cofield told the Newark Star-Ledger yesterday. "They have the opportunity to tender guys, keep them for cheap, and I expect them to do that. They’re businessmen, this is a business, so that’s what I expect."

Here's the rest of the story. Cofield said he's not going to make a big stink about it. But he thinks he knows what's coming since there have been no talks, he said, between the Giants and his agent.



  1. Good in this situation as the Giants need another year to judge this guy. I doubt Reese will give him even close to a first round tender so he will come real cheap.

  2. Stats Weeks 1-8: 0 SCK, 0 QB HIT, 2 QB HURRIES

    Stats Weeks 9-16: 1 SCK, 3 QB HIT, 9 QB HURRIES

    I lifted this from one of the comments posted to the article. It is indicative of Cofield's struggling early with his knee, and then picking it up as the year went on. It is especially impressive when you consider how soft the Giants' schedule was in the first half. Cofield is a very solid player, and if he plays well in 2010, I think he's worth a new contract.