Saturday, February 27, 2010

Karlos A Maybe?

Jerry Reese didn't mention him by name, but Mikey G's report out of the combine indicates the Giants will at least throw a line out to Arizona linebacker Karlos Dansby when the free agent period starts March 5.

And it looks like the Giants will be willing to pay for the right piece to fit in their 2010 puzzle, up to a point.

"We’ll spend where we have to spend," Reese said at his press conference this morning at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. "I still believe you do what you do to fill the spots in your roster you need to fill. If you have to spend to do that, we’ll continue to do that. We have a budget, we’ll try to stick to our budget. But if we have to spend on a guy, we’ll do that."

They'll probably have to outbid Miami, which is making big noises about getting Dansby for their 3-4 alignment. But Dansby is one of those guys who is confident he can fit into any scheme, so it will, as these things usually do, come down to the dollar figures. And with no salary cap involved, a bidding war could raise the stakes more significantly than it would in a capped year.

Still, Reese said that wouldn't scare him. He said he's prepared to fill various spots on offense and defense, be it through free agent acquisition or trade before the draft.

"It’s a little different this time, but there’s a lot of time during free agency, so you can get things done before the draft," Reese said. "It takes a little bit of pressure off the draft and you can be more conscious of picking valued players than trying to reach for your needs in the draft."

They'll be aggressive in free agency.

"I think there are some holes we need to fill defensively," Reese said about the possibility of existing rostered players stepping up next season. "Are there some guys on the roster? I hope there are, but we’re still going to try to go out and fill some spots.

"If there’s a guy on the roster that we don’t see yet that emerges, fantastic. But we’re definitely not going to depend on that. We’re going to try to bolster a lot of positions offensively and defensively."

My guess is they'll take a real big run at Dansby. If they get him, he'll be the only major free agent name to come aboard. Anyone else will be of a depth-type acquisition. If they don't get him, look for a big-name trade. But -- and I'm going out on a gut-influenced limb here -- I don't see Osi Umenyiora as being part of that package. Too valuable as a pass rusher if healthy.

Then again, I'm just guessing there.


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