Monday, February 15, 2010

New Poll

As you might imagine, there's not a whole lot going on at this moment, unless you want to include the usual back-door tampering all teams and agents indulge in as free agency approaches.

Considering today is Presidents Day, this is the perfect time for a new poll.

The question: How important is it that the Giants pick up a middle linebacker in free agency?

The answers: Urgent, moderately important, utterly unimportant.

Make your choice and then leave an explanation in this entry. And by middle linebacker, we're not just talking Karlos Dansby. You can throw out any name you wish, and maybe even make a trade. But if you're going the trade route, let's try to come up with something more creative than Osi Umenyiora, only because we're trying to forge new ground for the Giants' braintrust here.

We'll leave it up until tomorrow morning, at which point we'll discuss the results.



  1. The Giants really need MLB help. I really hope they go after Karlos Dansby. At 28 he's entering his 7th season and has the experience to step in and be a leader. When they address that they can focus on picking up a DT in the first round. We know the Giants want a DT, we've seen them go up to 80 Million in the race for Albert Haynesworth. With a healthy D-Line this team can be very disruptive. Here's a little tid-bit for the folks who are still running Osi under the bus and want him out of town. This season, both Mathias Kiwanuka and Osi Umenyiora were in the top five in the NFL in quarterback hits, with Kiwanuka leading the entire league. This seems like a puzzling stat considering the lack of pressure The Giants generated this season, which is a clear indictment to the defensive tackle play.

  2. i'd rather go mlb in the draft and DT in free agency. its very rare a rookie DT makes an immediate impact

  3. I think a young MLB would take more time to develop then a DT. A big DT only has one thing to do, push. A MLB is going to have to learn that D inside and out. No one os going to replace the brains of Pierce. A big DT is the way to go.

  4. We just do not pay big money for free agents you can forget about the big names ... I originally voted moderatly but changed my mind after thinking back to last year and voted extremely important ... olmackie

  5. Draft R. McClain. Trade up if you have to. If hes not there, get another safety. Maybe E. Berry or T. Mays. Doubt Berry will be around... but if he drops move up to get him. DTs can be found in FA or later in the draft. I don't see us moving up far enough to grab Suh or McCoy. Build through the draft, tweek through FA...

  6. dominick i hate to keep disagreeing with you, but please check out the nfl defensive rookies of the year since 2000:
    2000: Brian Urlacher (LB)
    2001: Kendrell Bell (LB)
    2002: Julius Peppers (DE)
    2003: Terrel Suggs (LB)
    2004: Jonathan Vilma (LB)
    2005: Shawn Merriman (LB)
    2006: Demeco Ryans (LB)
    2007: Patrick Willis (LB)
    2008: Jerod Mayo (LB)
    2009: Brian Cushing (LB)

  7. it'd be nice, but id much rather draft a guy. LB is a young mans game, as Scott shows. woulkd much rather get a good, experienced safety. Wilson from Buffalo wouldn't be too expensive, knows Fewell's system and would fit the bill (pardon the pun)

  8. Karlos Dansby will be the overpaid MLB next year for better or worse.

  9. I'm not all that crazy about Dansby. Yes, he's only 28, but how many years will he have left? Three, maybe four.

    Is he a game-changer? An All-Pro? He's a good LB. But I don't think it's imperative we sign an LB in free agency. I'm with Spacey in trying to get Wilson from Buffalo for safety. Then focus in the draft on getting DT, LB, OL.

    Hopefully Phillips comes back next year, then if the Giants sign a safety and they still have Michael Johnson who is servicable. He's a solid starter if the other safety is competent. Unfortunately this past year, CC Brown and Aaron Rouse were far from competent.

  10. who are the sleeper lb's in this years draft. anyone seen anybody playing on saturday that they think will be a good nfl player. any psu fans, is sean lee going to be good? i'm a hurricanes fan and they have daryl sharpton in the draft but i think at best he is a special teams player.

  11. I am a Husker and I will have to say Witherspoon from Missouri is legit. The only Husker LB that was a senior this year is a guy named Philip Dillard. Mid to late rounder I would say. Had an injury, missed time, and fought way back to starting spot. Smart player, but will want to see how he does at combine. In about 2-3 years, could be some nice LBs coming out of Nebraska.

  12. Am I the only one here that is old enough to remember the last stud linebacker we drafted?

    Let's face it: even with Jerry Reese, this organization has a huge blind spot regarding talent at the linebacker position.

    I love building through the draft, but I don't think anyone upstairs knows what they're looking at when it comes to linebackers in college. We only know how to draft special teams players at that position.

  13. PSU fan here. Yes Sean Lee is good and we could probably get him in 2nd or 3rd round. Only issue with him is injuries but when healthy he's great. We would be lucky to draft him.

  14. Trade. DeMeco Ryans ( I think he is a restricted FA) from the Texans for Mario Manningham and a second rounder in 2011.

    Ryans is a beast and 25. Let's trade from a postion of strength. Losing Mario would hurt but it would make room for Barden and Hixon is servicable.

  15. I would love to get Ryans, but why in the world would the Texans trade one of the best young LB's in the league for a WR and a second-day draft pick?

    I don't see it.

    And didn't Matt Schaub just have a career year passing the ball? Do they really need another weapon? And a marginal one at that.

  16. While I would hardly call a young dynamic reciever like Manningham marginal, the Texans would never do that trade unless a 1 is involved.

  17. Okay, let's go Manningham, Goff, and a number 2.

  18. Again, why would the texans trade a 25 year old stud for 2 marginal players and a second round pick? I feel like anything to get Ryans would have to start with our first rounder.

  19. Well, Texans are getting a pretty dymanic player in Manningham. Goff is a replacement and you can pick up a nice player in the second round. I think that's a pretty fair package. Perhaps too good.

    Sure, you could go Goff and a first rounder. But I don't think that get's it done. First rounders are big chips in this game....

  20. Giants were too vulnerable to the run this year - draft a stout MLB, look for a big body or two to be part of the early-down DT rotation in later rounds or FA (also remember Alford will be back and Cofield will be a year further removed from surgery).

    Safety is where I'd look for a trade if anywhere, but I have a hard time seeing the Giants in the trade market instead of the draft or FA, where they've historically looked for depth. Trade bait? How about Aaron Ross, who was the second- (maybe even third-) best CB on the team when healthy? I think he might fetch a servicable safety from a team that likes Ross's speed.

  21. We have pasted on several MLBs in the last three drafts,Dan Conner went in the third round.The game has changed from days of Harry Carson.
    Everyone is running 1 back-3 wide sets, most MLB only play on 1st and maybe 2nd down.We need to sign 1 in FA and need to draft a game breaker,like CJ Spiller.None of the stud safeties will be available.Our D-line is still one of the best when healthy,Tuck has to move back inside.Games are won and lost in the passing game now,on both sides of the ball.Pass rush and pass protection are the keys now and solve a lot of other problems.

  22. Why would the Texans trade Ryans for anything less than an 1st and 3rd. He is a restricted FA. So, the Texans will most likely tender him at a salary that would require another team to give up their 1st and 3rd round picks.