Monday, February 1, 2010

Smith's Contract

Remember last week when Steve Smith vowed to participate fully in the Giants' offseason conditioning program and training camp, despite his desire for a contract extension?

Well, we'll hold him to that. And he seems to be taking steps toward that goal himself, while at the same time pursuing that new deal. He's changing agents, from DeBartolo Sports to, as reported by my guy Mike at the Star-Ledger, CAA with Tom Condon.

You can bet on two things with that move. One, that Smith will probably wind up with a lucrative contract if there's one to be had, as Condon has a reputation as a fair but hard negotiator. Second, that he won't hold out of anything. Condon, a real pain in the neck to most reporters because he keeps his negotiations far from the media spotlight, is not the kind of guy who keeps players away from team activities just to prove a point.

Condon also represents Eli Manning, who received a $97 million extension in 2009 to make his total contract worth $106 million. No doubt, he'll get the best possible deal for Smith, who was just given the Visio Top Value Performer Award at the Super Bowl for being the biggest bargain in the league. Smith, with a team-record 107 catches, made $460,000 in '09 and is set to earn $550,000 next season. Smith won over Baltimore RB Ray Rice, San Diego WR Vincent Jackson, Denver defensive end Elvis Dumervil, and Jacksonville WR Mike Sims-Walker.



  1. Good info Ern. I would be extremely cautious in giving a slot reciever who had one good year in an offense that relied heavily on the pass as they were down by 20 points on most occasions and the opposing def playing a soft zone for that reason. I like this guy, I just wouldnt show him the $ yet.

  2. Are you kidding? Wayno, usually I agree, but I cannot here. Smith has been a steady improver for 3 seasons now. He has demonstrated excellent skills and the ability to be a #1 WR. Smith is a weapon, granted not a home-run threat, but the guy that Eli can count on every play. I would pay him the $$ now, lock him up! The dude just crushed team records!

  3. I am suspect of his ability and have problems paying a guy who is not a home run threat. If Eli had Payton's reciever's, first Harrison, now Wayne, he would be in much better shape. He can throw the long ball and the Giants don't have that guy.

  4. Got to agree with CE718 on this one. I think you(Wayno2424) are looking at Smith to narrowly in terms of his potential and what he brings to the team. He had a great season coming off two years of solid production. He was so instrumental in our super bowl run (as a rookie and was injured early in the year mind you) and is such a team player! Also with him and Nicks playing opposite each other they could be a lethal combo! It's that potential that I am looking forward too. Smith and the other receivers were the only positves this year! (Including Eli's numbers of course)

    I say give him the money! He help bring us a ring and he has done nothing but improve. Plus with Rookie Nicks will prove to be a dangerous combo next year. Eli loves him and so does the coaching staff!

  5. It might be Nicks who deserves the $ (or maybe even Manningham-hey that was a pretty good soph season)in a couple years and I think we should wait a little longer until we have some answers to what exactly there is at the wr position. Granted, giving $ to a team player is not the worst thing u could do and I am very excited by the three young guys on the roster.

  6. Yes, home run threats are fun to watch and can open a game up, but that is not the Giants' style. Possession is key in what TC wants to do. Smith is the epitome of that strategy. He keeps drives alive with his excellent route running and third down catches. Here's the thing, look how the bottom dropped out on the other Steve Smith the past 2 years. Yes, still effective, but not that same speedster he used to be. DeSean Jackson will have that happen to him too in the next few years. The speed doesn't last forever. But for our Steve Smith, even if he loses speed, he will make plays. Nicks may eventually turn into a #1 WR, which would give us two #1s. Can't ask for much more than that! I foresee great things with the Smith/Nicks tandem. One to be there as Eli's safety blanket, the other to go deep!

  7. Botton line, it's 3rd and long and EVERYONE knows Eli will throw to Smith. Despite that, the guy gets open and makes the first down (after how many years of watching Giants players catch the ball four yards shy of the first down and NOT making it!). That is a weapon and it's an extremely valuable one to have. The guy doesn't hit "homeruns"? Yawn! Not his job, not his role. That's what Moss was drafted for (please cut him already) and that's what Manningham was drafted for (the big white line means out of bounds, Mario) and that's what Nicks has shown flashes of as a rookie. Smith has a different role and he does his job as well as WR in the League. Never mistake flash for substance. The guy is a weapon.

  8. Agreed. Smith deserves the raise. He just answered last years biggest off-season question. Who was Eli going to throw to without the player who won't be named and Toomer?

    Smith is a technician. He reminds me a lot of Wes Walker. Plus I just love his attitude and work ethic. As I have said before, this is a guy you can have your kids watch to see how he conducts himself. He is the anti-Burress (damn, mentioned his name).

    Chris B.