Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burress Sorry

Well, at least he told former Steelers coach Bill Cowher that he was sorry for shooting himself in the leg in 2008 during a taped interview that will run on CBS' NFL Today show.

Guess he figured out that when you shoot yourself, it's probably your fault it happened.

Burress also said he expects to play pro football again. I sincerely doubt that will be in a Giants uniform, though he did say he sent a letter of apology to team owners John Mara and the Tisch family for, you know, messing things up.

I'm sure they'll be dying to have him back if he gets out on schedule in 2011. NOT!!!!



  1. For whatever reason, I can actually see the Giants giving Burress a chance to redeem himself....especially if it can be in a cost effective manner. The Giants have a history of providing personal rehabilitation opportunity to soles worth saving so the question is do the Giants believe he is a sole worth saving and do they have emotional attachment to the hero of the 2007 season (NFC Championship game is hard to forget).

  2. Plaxico was a pain in the butt before he shot his leg, when he shot his leg and after he shot his leg. The Giants have no need for him now or when he gets released in 2011. Have fun in jail jerk and thanks for not shooting myself or any other law abiding New Yorker's.

  3. I'd love to see Plaxico back on the Giants. As good as their receivers were last year, they still don't have anyone who could take over a game the way he could.

  4. What he's really sorry about is the millions of dollars he flushed down the toilet. Before the shooting, Plax had a very revealing interview with Michael Donofio of NJ. com. Plax says, and I quote,
    "Growing up without a father he didn't meet until he was 21, Burress was extremely close with his mother. After her death, he began taking care of his younger brothers, Ricardo and Carlos, while living with five of his childhood friends -- all of whom, he says, are now dead or in jail "for stupid stuff like a armed robbery or carrying a concealed weapon."

    Dead or in jail "for stupid stuff like ..carrying a concealed weapon".

    The guy KNEW what he was doing, KNEW the potential ramifications, and, not only did he do EXACTLY what he knew he shouldn't, he turned down a plea deal that would have had him serve 30 days in jail. It just doesn't get dumber than that, folks. Don't want him in a Giants uniform ever again. Let him spend the rest of his life thinking about what he threw away.

  5. Coughlin had many a talks with Plaxico and I bet the general theme of these talks are there are repercussions for ur actions. Plaxico should have listened because he is in jail and definately partaking in some extracirricular activites while there.

  6. Plaxico is a unique talent. However, it just shows you how little some of these guys got going upstairs.

    He will play in the NFL again if he gets into shape. Someone will take a shot (pun intended) at him. Not the Giants, however.

    Chris B.