Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Sad

Must say, I'm not particularly sad about being home, far from Super Bowl week, considering what's going to happen there tomorrow. The forecasts of steady rain will move Media Day inside a concourse at Sun Life Stadium.

Now, you have to realize, Media Day is a zoo to start with. The entire legitimate press contingent shows up, along with every loony bird from MTV and the like. In all, it's not unusual to have between 2,000 and 3,000 people floating around the outside of the field and stands on a sunny day.

Now that it's being moved indoors, to a confined area, there's going to be a lot less elbow room. I'm probably better off away from it all, since I tend not to suffer fools lightly, especially in tight quarters. And you see plenty of foofs the Tuesday before the Super Bowl.

I feel bad for all my buddies down there. Hope they weather the discomfort.



  1. EP,
    As far as I am concerned,, there was no typo on "foofs" ... and from now on, I will use that adjective in all my future oratories describing complete loony tunes !!! Not to mention that I beleive it should be submitted as the first new word to be admitted to the "Complete Websters Dictionary" . ... olmackie

  2. Sorry, guys. Was using a bit of journalism slang there, which I should have realized is not commonly used among the civilians. A foof is a combination of a fool and a fraud, something that a real journalist would look way down his nose at. I'll be more careful in word selection in the future.

  3. what's the news on the QB coach front? I think this is where you can take a chance on some young up and comer and give him a shot.

    Is there a Detmer in the house?

  4. Not much happening there as far as I know. I'm sure they're working on it, but with the world down at the Super Bowl, info is hard to come by. Plus, they've kept everything pretty hush-hush down the line. If I hear something, you guys will be the first to know.

    As for a young up-and-comer, I'm not sure they'll want to put one of those guys with Eli. Better to give him an experienced coach to continue his rapid development.

  5. Come on Ern,

    How about those great perks like complimentary old hot dogs and cold coffee you're missing out on?

    Chris B.

  6. I'm with olmackie. I like "foofs". Feel free to use it often, Ern. I hope you don't mind, but I'm stealing that one.

  7. I'm sad that you arent there. IF you were there that would mean the giants would also be there. 2 years ago today i was real jacked up and barely able to contain myself.