Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not A Bad Game

But Super Bowl XLIV won't go down as one of the alltime greats, simply because of the lack of drama at the end. But gotta hand it to New Orleans, winning in their first trip 31-17 after a franchise history of futility and a city beaten up by the elements.

I feel great for Sean Payton, who I always liked as a Giants offensive coordinator. He and his staff called a gunslinger's game from the sideline, going for it on fourth down, calling a successful onside kick to start the second half, and calling that all-out blitz that pressured Peyton Manning and caused that game-clinching interception by Tracy Porter.

And can't say enough about the performance of Drew Brees. Can't say enough about both quarterbacks, really, in the most pass-heavy Super Bowl ever. And, just as an aside, how insufferable might Jeremy Shockey become now after catching that go-ahead touchdown pass?

Actually, the worst part of the game was the halftime show. Daltry and Townsend just can't do it anymore, even though they did pretty good for two old rockers pushing, what, 90?

To all the Saints fans out there, congrats. And as we say up here in the north country, Lessez Les Bontemps Roulez!



  1. Wow!

    Payton finds his inner Favre! Unbelievable....

    Great win for NO!

    Chris B.

    P.S. Next year's geriatric half time show performers - The Beach Boys!

  2. Wish shockey was still ring-less, tho.
    Maine Man!

  3. The halftime show with The Who made me squirm. Roger Daltry can't sing any more. He's reaching for notes that he couldn't hit 10 years ago. Their music was almost unrecognizable.

    Pete Townsend, fruit that he is, was the better part of the show.

    Maybe they should have been called The Who Dat?.

    I don't know.

  4. I guess a couple things stick out for me from the game:

    1. I don't think Caldwell coached a very good game. End of the first half and you play conservative, running the ball three straight times when Peyton Manning's your QB? And then kicking a 51-yard FG with a 40-year-old kicker up one point when your D obviously couldn't stop the Saints? Questionable.

    2. While the game, by no means was a classic, that onside kick may go down as the greatest Super Bowl call of all-time. No one saw that coming.

    3. The Who were terrible. I'm not old enough to remember them in their prime, but listening to those songs last night was a difficult feat. Daltry and Townshend were completely out of sync and they just couldn't hit the notes anymore. Which brings up another question: What's the NFL going to do with all future halftime shows? They can't keep bringing out bands like The Who, CCR, the Stones, Bruce. They have U-2, but who else?

    They've been pretty reluctant to go to rap artisits. But even if they did who would it be? Jay-Z? And then maybe they could have Beyonce. I know this seems like a stupid question, but shouldn't the NFL start looking for other acts to play at the Super Bowl? I love classic rock'n'roll as much as the next guy, but these bands are moving into their 70s and can't keep doing it.

  5. Great game! A friend of mine is a huge Saints fan and we went to the Saints-Giants game together back in October. It was a horrible game as a Giants fan, but it was amazing to be among those Saints fans and see how much the Saints mean to them. I am truly happy for them. No bags over their heads anymore!

    As far as the half time music - I do remember the Who and that was just embarrassing. I've got a novel idea - how about a really good MARCHING BAND at half time?! How's that for something different! I'm actually not kidding. It would be refreshing after what we suffered through last night!

  6. Wait a second, you all actually watch the halftime show? That is a time to get more beer, more food, and hit the bathroom before the 2nd half. The Super Bowl does you a favor compared to regular season gives you more time to accomplish these tasks. And you can thank Timberlake and Janet now for the lame half time shows, along with the overly-censored of television we have encountered since that Super Bowl. I agree, John, a good marching band. If we are going to go old school, then marching band is the way to go.

  7. Yeah it was a good game. Happy for Payton and Brees...good guys who support their city and are just really damn good football player and coach. Still wish Peyton was with the Giants and felt horrible to see him go then.

    Feel sorry for Manning though, he came close but his defense couldn't hold, Freeny's injury I think finally got the best of him in the 2nd half, Pierre Garcon dropped that crucial pass and that interception Peyton cost them the game. I wonder what the city of Indy are thinking now: no perfect season and no super bowl...gotta be a bummer.

    It's to bad Shockey got a ring, the only really bad thing to happen during this super bowl. He still leaves a bad taste in my mouth with what he did to the Giants. Maybe he'll choke on that ring...maybe...

  8. OK, time to concentrate on NYG football 2010. Draft/Free Agent/ Personnel. Lets go Ern, we got a lot of work to do until the season starts.