Saturday, January 30, 2010

RIP Tom Brookshier

Anybody old enough to remember when Tom Brookshier and Pat Summerall were a broadcast team? I am. Great stuff, and I remember being upset when they broke it up to team Summerall with John Madden.

Brookshier, who sounded like a guy you'd like to sit down with for a beer, was also a great Eagles defensive back. But that never seemed to get in the way of many Giants fans' opinions of him. Outstanding guy.



  1. Ern, this has been a rough week. First Robert "Spenser" Parker passes away and now Tom Brookshier. So many great memories as a kid watching the Giants while Summerall and Brookshier called the game. As bad as the Giants were back then - and we're talking Detroit Lions/St. Louis Rams bad - the games were always great to watch because of these two. Mr. Brookshier will be missed.

  2. Ernie...Wasn't there a Saturday show on CBS that Brooksheir hosted with Jack Whitaker? Was it called "Countdown to Sunday", or something like that? It really was my first introduction to pro football. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Must have been the first pre-game show ever.

  3. Mitch:

    I believe you're correct, though I never watched it. Pretty much confined myself to football games on Sunday. But what a great team, Brookshier and Summerall. Whitaker and his
    "essays" was always a bit too long-winded for my tastes.

  4. I spent an extended period of time one day with whitaker in his later days and he was a crotchity elitist jerk and as far from the common man as one could get and he made sure of it.

  5. I definitely remember Summerall and Brookshier. They were a great team. I'm still trying to get used to CBS showing AFC games!

  6. RIP Tom

    In the 1970's on CBS TV the main announcing NFC team was Pat & Tom. I lived in St Louis in during those great 70's and they called the 2nd game of the doubleheader (usually stinkin Cowboys!). If you get the chance, the NFL network will replay original broadcasts of Super Bowls....its a joy to watch a game w/o all the stupid mind numbing stats and graphic's being thrown at us from the start of the game till the end! I forgot how simple football was when they would show the huddles and who was subbed in and out!

    *jumps off soapbox...*

    RIP Brookie, you are dearly missed on Sundays!

  7. Pat & Tom used to host a show called This Week in Pro Football which ran in the late 60's, early 70's. They showed highlights from the previous week's games and made predictions for the coming week. It was a good show and is where I first heard that great NFL Films music.


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