Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Repeat, No Haslett

Well, obviously Jim Haslett won't be in the area to meet with Tom Coughlin. The former Saints coach agreed last night to take the Redskins job under Mike Shanahan.

As the Washington Post pointed out, Shanahan has had the head coaching down there for a week, and he already has both coordinators in place. Meanwhile, the Giants have reached out to Haslett and Romeo Crennel, who is still believed to be going to Kansas City, and didn't get to sit down face-to-face with either of them.

Perry Fewell, former interim Bills coach, remains the only known interview, and he's still home trying to figure out if he wants to come to New York or reunite with Lovie Smith in Chicago. He would have to be regarded as the front-runner now, along with Jets linebackers coach Bob Sutton, who can't be interviewed until the Jets are done with the playoffs.

No sense in discarding other possibilities like Redskins DBs coach Jerry Gray, who interviewed for both the Redskins' head coaching and defensive coordinator jobs, and Greg Blache, who is retiring as the Redskins' DC. Wouldn't think the Giants would try very hard to talk him out of retirement, however.


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