Monday, January 18, 2010

Diehl And Snee

Tackle David Diehl and guard Chris Snee, first alternates to the Pro Bowl squad, will be going now that Minnesota and New Orleans have advanced to the championship game.

Both teams put linemen on the Pro Bowl squad, and since the game is being played during the idle week before the Super Bowl, there are guaranteed to be two openings. It's just a question of whether Diehl replaces the Vikings' Bryant McKinnie or the Saints' Jon Stinchcombe, and whether Snee replaces Minnesota's Steve Hutchinson or New Orleans' Jahari Evans.

Diehl and Snee will join Shaun O'Hara, the only Giant to make the roster in the original balloting. And wide receiver Steve Smith could join them if the Vikings' Sidney Rice has to absent himself. That would make him the first Giants wide receiver to go since Homer Jones in 1968.

Kind of an odd situation with the O-linemen. That unit had a decidedly off-year, and yet they'll now have three members going.



  1. Enie I agree it looks weird to have three offensive lineman on the Pro Bowl team, when that unit had a down year.

    But these all-star games always seem to work that way. A player or unit doesn't get the credit they deserve in their best year, and miss the all-star team when they deserved to go.

    But once there name is out there, a player gets selected even though they probably don't deserve to be.

    And to be honest -- the three lineman going have been the three best. It's really been Seubert and MCKenzie that have struggled.

  2. Makes a joke of the pro bowl, I'm embarassed. Diehl shouldn't even be sniffing a pro bowl and as ive said before here there were plenty of tackles both right and left who outplayed him. It was his best year and he is certainly good value but NOT a pro-bowler. Snee and Ohara both had better years 2,3 and 4 years ago when they didn't make it. A lot of bad penalties and zero push in short yardage and when the Giants really meeeded to run it is why the two shouldnt make it.

  3. Diehl must have made the Pro Bowl based on those "lookout" blocks he threw while pass blocking during the last couple of weeks.

  4. Reason number 806 not to watch the Pro Bowl. They really should take the vote out the fans hands. It's embarrassing who has gotten in over the years because of fan voting.

  5. At least Smith has a chance to make it deservedly so in my opinion. He is making some great advances for someone who is only in his third year.