Friday, January 15, 2010

Now that Perry Fewell is in...

there remains the matter of how the rest of this defensive coaching staff is going to look. I'm not convinced that the exit door has close for these folks, but not all of them will need to go.

Let's go down the list and see who should be in, and who should be out. As we know already, Fewell will be in the market for a defensive line coach, now that Mike Waufle has been sent packing. As for the others:

Jim Hermann: No matter how you slice it, the linebackers were a disaster this year. It's a wonder how Hermann wasn't let go already. You want to get Redskins linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti into the program? Here's your chance.

Pete Giunta: A lot of folks might think that he should be the first one out the door, considering how poorly the secondary played this year. But Fewell is going to need somebody to implement that Cover-2 on a positional level, and Giunta can do that. Unless Fewell has identified someone as an up-and-coming genius, he would do well to stick with the man Coughlin considered as a replacement for Steve Spagnuolo before naming Bill Sheridan.

David Merritt: The safeties coach is a good teacher who, because of injuries, wound up with a class of dunces this year. Still, Fewell might want to give someone else a chance here. He's probably be out.



  1. Your Fired, Your Fired, Your Fired. Oh and Quinn, your fired too!

  2. Ernie, Were Giunta and Fewell on the Rams staff at the same time?If so, Giunta has a good job to stick. If not, I think Fewell would only naturally try to bring some of his Buffalo staff with him. Whoever coached that rookie Jarius (spelling?)Byrd needs to be on this staff.