Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haslett Approaching

Jim Haslett, reported to have interviewed for the Washington defensive coordinator spot, is apparently coming north to talk to the Giants.

Giants Insider reported that Haslett is supposed to be here tomorrow for an interview.

Meanwhile, Perry Fewell is still thinking things over between the Giants and the Bears. And there is still the rumor that Tom Coughlin is ultimately interested in Jets linebacker coach Bob Sutton, who can't be interviewed until the Jets are done with the playoffs.

Stay tuned.



  1. Ernie, you are a machine with these updates. I hope everyone realizes how good you are at this. This blog is the best source of Giants news, by far. You put the other beat writers to shame with your constant updates. Nice work!

  2. There are a few of us who have been here from pretty much the beginning. We've known all along Ernie P. is the best news and insight for Giant junkies!

    Chris B.

  3. Keep it coming Big E!!!!! I do have to laugh at the 'No Haslett'. Headline.

  4. Ernie, how about the DC for the Skins? He has a great resume with alot less talent the the Giants have. He had success with the Bears and the last 2 with the Skins as DC, and his fortay is D-line. He has an agressive style system and has been as or more successful than any of the others that are being taiked about.Seems like he's never gotten the respect he should deserve,seems getting caught up in house cleaning,Bears hire Smith,now with Shanny in DC.I'm just saying...

  5. Wash Post announcing that Haslett has signed on to be the Skins coorindator

  6. Ernie, is Haslett still coming to NY for an interview? I am reading in other places that Haslett has already taken the Skins job.

    It sure seems like the Giants are not at the top of any potential coordinator's list of places he'd like to set up shop. Is this a Coughlin thing, like a lot of people are suspecting? Scared off by Coughlin?

    It appears the Giants are NOT going to attract any coordinator with experience as DC. None of those types want the job. They are going to have to go with someone who will take the job as a stepping stone to a better job somewhere else, as Spags did. That is ok by me, if they get a good coordinator.

    But it says something about Coughlin - coaches don't want to work with him unless 'forced' to, career-wise.

  7. i am not upsett that we arent getting the former head coach of the florida tuskers to be our defensive coordinator

  8. florida tusker? ufl? what in the hell is a tusker?

  9. its a wild boar that live in the Everglades and now a football team with no head coach apparently.