Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waufle Gone

The Giants just announced that defensive line coach Mike Waufle has been fired.

That, to me, is a major surprise despite all the problems the defensive line had this year. In fact, I was almost tempted to write that the well-liked Waufle, a smart, militarily-disciplined, yet charismatic coach, would not be a horrible choice as Bill Sheridan's replacement at defensive coordinator.

However, it was obvious through this firing that Tom Coughlin was unable to swallow the issues up front, from Osi Umenyiora's decline to part-time status, to the inability to stop anyone in the Red Zone, to the softness of the defensive ends on the edges.

Also, and this is just thinking here, but could Coughlin now be laying the groundwork for a switch to the 3-4? Guess we'll see.

In somewhat less earth-shattering news, the Giants signed three more players to 2010 contracts: defensive back Courtney Brown, fullback Jerome Johnson and kicker Sam Swank.



  1. This is a suprise to me. However, if they fired Wauffle don't be suprised to see more D coaches go as well. TC might just clean house and let the next guy bring in his staff.

    These announcements will be sobering for the Giants Defensive players. Maybe next time they won't lay down like they did in Denver, etc.

    Chris B.

  2. I was pretty surprised as well by this move. But you could be right on the money that they are getting ready to go to the 3-4. If so, there will need to be a lot more changes.

  3. Any chance that this is a move designed to get Romeo Crennel back as D line coach and d coordinator.

  4. Agree with most everyone, this was a definite surprise. I was expecting Giunta to go, but Waufle I thought was pretty safe. Guess not.

    Is it unusual to be letting go one coach at a time? Do you think it would be better if they let al the d coaches go at once. Who would they be keeping?

    Not one position performed well or showed growth throughout the season on the defensive side of the ball.

  5. If this guy goes, then all the other d coaches and Quinn (Special teams) need to go;they're equally culpable.

  6. I think this paves the way for the new defensive coordinator to bring in his own guys