Thursday, January 28, 2010

AP Question

Perry Fewell said he had no idea what kind of contribution Antonio Pierce might make, if any, next season. That's because he has no information on how Pierce's injured neck is progressing. "I don't know the status of his injury right now," Fewell said. "We'll have to wait and see how that plays out, so I can't speak to that."

Pierce was, obviously, one of the leaders of the defense. Perhaps the only real leader. And when he went down before the Denver game, there was a huge leadership void on the field.

Fewell said he'd be looking for someone to step up and fill that. Who that might be, he had no idea.

"As you go into minicamps and training camps, each year that person evolves," Fewell said. "That's what I expect after we go into OTAs and training camp. That person changes every year because the nature of your team changes. If we want to be a winning defense, I expect somebody to rise to the top."



  1. The LB's only got better when AP went down. His leadership was a non factor as it looked like I could beat him in a foot race this year. AP=gone, all for the better.

  2. Disagree Wayno. Losing AP hurt them this year from a leadership perspective. He definately took over that role when Strahan left. I didn't see anyone take that role up when AP went down. Let's not forget the great adjustment he made in game 2 against the Boys when he completely out-gamed Romo at the line.

    However, I completely agree that AP has lost more than a step and I would like to see the Giants move on here going forward. I would love them to draft here in round 1. In my mind, AP could be a great coach or teach in some capacity within the organisation but his days as the starting MLB are probably over.

    Chris B.