Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tight End Signed

The Giants signed tight end Carson Butler, who spent time with the practice squads of the Packers, Lions, 49ers, and, most recently, the Bengals this year. Never saw the active roster.



  1. What does this mean for Boss???

  2. Good to see the Giants uncovering every stone to find what I assume us a blocking TE. This may be reading into a bit too much but I bet thismeans the Giants don't like Bear Pascoe. Anyway the Giants need to find A blocking TE and cut Darcy Johnson loose.

  3. How much effort have we wasted on TEs? In addition to signing players off practice squads. Trying out basketball players, and drafting smallish H-backs?

    TE is by far the easiest position to draft. Each year tons of talent come from the college ranks where the TE is barely used.

    Greg Boone from Va Tech will be available in the late rounds, so will Mickey Shuler's kid. It's issues like this that separate the good teams from the bad. Look to sign Chris Cooley from the Redskins, they'll let him in go in favor of Fred Davis. Cooley is one year removed from pro bowl.

  4. The Skins arent getting rid of Cooley.

  5. U alive Ern???? Whattya got???????????