Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Interview

The Associated Press is reporting that Perry Fewell will interview Thursday with Tom Coughlin for the defensive coordinator's job. If Coughlin wants the interim Bills coach, he'd better move quick. Word is he'll also interview this week with Lovie Smith for the open Bears defensive coordinator's position. According to the AP, it's more likely he'll land in Chicago than in New York.

He's also interviewing for the Bills head coaching job, but he is considered a longshot there.



  1. I see Fewell as being too passive for the Giants DC job. I feel a lot of what the Giants did in '07 was inspired by the aggressive, firey spark that was Spagnuolo's persona. The Giants as a whole play on a lot of emotion. They need someone who can ignite that fire they have within. Someone that will wake up the beast in the beasts of the east. I guess the problem with that is, there may not be anyone out there like that.

  2. Yo Ern------

    U would be foolish to stop blogging. U have something great that's gonna make u a lot of $$$$$ soon. Enough of the week to week bs, u gotta stay live, slap some strip club ads on the sideboards and let's roll to 2010!!!!

  3. I'm with Wayne, Ernie. I have enjoyed your blog but I have been wondering for awhile what you are doing with it. How are you monetizing this thing. Where are the google adwords, etc.? By the way, the page does need an overhaul.

    Chris B.

  4. Ernie
    I'm begging you, please don't listen to the strip club losers.

    Keep the blog the way it is...

  5. is there any talk of dave mcginnis from ten or keith butler from pitt?

  6. Ernie, if the blog is working as-is, leave it as-is. I follow many Giants related blog, but this one has become my favorite. It has a different feel than the blogs associated with the NY papers. More personal feel. Keep doing what you are doing, if possible. Thanks for the great work!

    Whoever they get on defense, it needs to be an aggresive, attacking defense. No Rod Rusts, please! And with that 15th pick, get a linebacker!

  7. Any of you college guru's know if we have a shot at Spikes at 15? I think in my limited viewing him Cody on Bama (although there is another dt on bama that is a better prospect) and Suh were the three future impact NFL rookies I saw this season. Spikes is a sideline to sideline beast and would fit to a tee.

    ERNIE WE NEED U!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Actually you know who is projected in that 10-15 range and I think is a stud -- Rolando McClain from Alabama. He's an ILB, so maybe that could translate to a MLB or maybe the strong side in the NFL.

    The guy was named the SEC Defensive player of the year. And you have the safety from USC -- Taylor Mays -- who is projected to go around then and he's pretty good. I would definitely take those two over Spikes and Cody.

    Both Cody and Spikes are big-hitters, but neither are that fast. Cody I don't think was ever really in on passing downs. He's a run-stuffer, perfect for a 3-4 defense.

    And Spikes is a big, slow, hard-hitting LB.

    Another DT I heard good things about is Dan Williams from Tennessee. And he should be available around there. The best DT is obviously Suh, but I would take Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma who might (it's highly unlikely) be available at 15.

    As a Giants fan, I feel all three of those guys -- Mays, McClain and Williams -- are going to be impact players in the NFL. And they each fit a need -- S, LB and DT. I'd say those are my top three. Any of those guys available at 15 I'd snatch them up.

    However, if McClain is floating around at 12-13, I'd trade up to get him -- I think he's that good.

  9. OK Dan, I saw highlights of him yesterday on Sportscenter, he can cover hit and is really fast. I thought Spikes was sideline to sideline speed?

  10. What I've heard is that Spikes runs a high 4.7 40 time, isn't a great blitzer or cover guy in man-to-man. But he is a great tackler and has great instincts.

    McClain has supposedly broken 4.6 in the 40 and flies around the football. Not that this matters much, but McClain is an honor roll student at Alabama and if he has a big game against Texas and then blows it up at the combine he could drop into the top 10. McClain also won the Butkus award this season.

    I don't think we have to worry about that happening to Spikes. I wouldn't be against drafting Spikes, but if they have a shot to get McClain, they have to take it.

  11. Ernie,

    Your list of candidates was a direct cut and paste from Ralph V (or vice versa) and neither one of you had Perry Fewell on your list, what gives. I posted this for you yesterday morning.

    Here some other news; the Panthers are still looking to land Cowher, and news that he is speaking to the Bills has them ansy that they will miss out on him. They will up the ante soon to land their man. Why is this important? The Rams ownership has already said that they will hire John Fox immediately if he becomes available, leaving SPags out in the cold and available for us.
    Shanahan wants to sign Mike Zimmer away from the Bengals, which means that Blache and Gray may not become immediately available. Blache will likely retire rather than move, so that leaves Gray as a strong candidate for Def Coord. Former NFL player, finalist for Head Coaching job at Memphis, secondary coach in Washington and he satisfies the Rooney rule.


  12. Rookie LBs win Rookie of the year awards, this means that they can play right away in the NFL...so why does our LB Sintim sit? because we don't know how to grade and draft LBs.

    I read some of what people write in this blog, and its amazing how much over analysis goes on. The formula is simple, the LB must lead his team in tackles for starters, and when you look at film you must notice him without focusing on him.
    Univ of Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen was asked about his corps of LBs once, which at the time included Merriman and EJ Henderson, his only comment was "I don't know about times and reps what I know is that when they hit the pack, the pack moves; when they hit the runner, he stops running"

    That's it, plain and simple.

  13. Giants switching to 3-4? How many of these Def Coordinators run 3-4? Can we do this?

  14. It is 1:22 p.m. and still nothing from u Ern. I am having an anxiety attack and hope u are just sleeping in. WE NEED U E!

  15. No way are the Giants switching to a 3-4. They don't have a nose tackle (or any tackles for that matter), they lack linebacker depth, the linebackers they do have can't blitz or rush the passer and they're best defensive players are lineman. And there's no way you move Tuck, Kiwi or Osi to LB in order for them to ruh the passer effectively.