Friday, January 8, 2010

Safe, So Far

No firings yet. But hey, it's early.

Stay tuned.



  1. The Jets are 9-7 with there last two teams laying down for them and all of a sudden they are the Giants of 07. hahaahhaahah hahhahaah hahhahhah

  2. Have they fired Pat Hanlon yet? The Giants need a less mouthy PR guy. The team gets nothing but bad press and he's a coward who only sends Tweets when the team is going good. The information -- which he says he'd rather send, than see the media give it -- just stopped during the losing streak. Isn't that a little ridiculous?

    All he does is his stupid TV show and radio stuff and he looks like a parrott that has Tom Coughlin's hand up his ass.

    It's time for a change. Save us all from having to listen to him, please.

  3. And Hanlon only had the best blogger in the world on the tv show once all season and skunkhead was on there at least a half dozen times not to mention that loudmouth hater italian from Jersey (Garafalo?).

  4. By all accounts we have to get rid of special teams coach Tom Quinn, right? I mean what did this unit accomplish, they have the worst kickoff coverage in the world, routinely giving the opposition field position near the 40 yard line, sometimes without them even having to return the ball at all. They gave up PR for big yards and TDs. The greatest moment was basically an individual effort by Hixon on a PR.
    Can we get someone who will build this unit into a game changing entity and not something that's a liability?

  5. To Wayno2424

    UNfortunately the Cowboys look like the Giants of 07.

  6. The Jets? Hanlon? Ralph and Mike?

    This is going to be SOME day. Can't we all just get along?

    Let's keep in mind, too, that Pat comes from a completely different viewpoint than any reporter. He's just doing his job the way he sees fit. Same as all of us, including yours truly.

  7. Sorry Ern. I have strong opinions and know u should be on there much more. I will try to refrain from talking trash about ur buddies in the future and know u hate it when I do. Really am sorry Ern.

  8. Pat's a loser. I follow him on Twitter. Where the hell was the information we're supposed to get from him? He Twitted when they were winning, said nothing when they were losing. Coward. And his followers are suckers.