Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Coughlin Is Safe

I've always fallen on the conservative side when it comes to getting rid of coaches, as it's often not the coach's fault when he's fired. But here's a theory on why I feel Tom Coughlin will not be let go after next season (sorry, Bill Cowher) if things indeed fall apart in 2010. And it all hinges on the collective bargaining negotiations.

Assuming -- and there's no reason to think we're headed in any other direction than an uncapped year at this point -- there is a lockout in 2011, teams around the league are going to need to pick up where they left off in 2010, and the Giants are no different. It's the same reason Jerry Jones extended Wade Phillips through 2011. A lockout does not, and should not, presume an entirely lost season. If a deal is struck, say, halfway through the lost schedule, the league will probably try to salvage the remainder.

Imagine trying to do that under a new coach, a new system, a new staff? It would be virtually impossible. Better to stick with a coach and a philosophy that has been in place rather than have a new coach risk locker room confidence in a mish-mosh salvage of a six or seven-game segment.

For that reason, you probably won't see much coaching movement around the league as 2010 ends, for that very reason. It only makes sense.

Sound valid enough to you?



  1. Ridiculous! With Bill Cowher out there and available, you HAVE to fire Coughlin and hire him. Coughlin had one LUCKY year. You heard me: Lucky! Look at his record. Lots of playoff failures. He's done nothing in the postseason with the Giants except one year where he got every break and Eli Manning and Steve Spagnuolo's D carried him. He almost lost the locker room in '06 and now he's on the verge of losing it again. He can't control Osi. He can't get anything out of Jacobs. Gilbride and Ingram can't figure out how to use the RB the right way.

    How long is this honeymoon supposed to last anyway? The players quit ... QUIT! ... on Coughlin at the end of the season. Those two embarrassing losses should've been enough to get John Mara to make a change, especially when a well-respected coach was available an interested.

    Of course, all Mara really cares about is PSLs.

    GET COWHER! Get him NOW! TC must go!!!

  2. Coughlin is the second greatest coach in Giants history who led the Giants to the greatest SUPER BOWL WIN EVER. That wasn't even 2 years ago. Enough already.

  3. Um you do realize the Great Bill Cowher won one (highly ref-assisted) Superbowl in 14 seasons with the Steelers? I like Cowher as much as the next guy but it's not like he's Bill Walsh. He's got a 6-10 stinker in there, a crisp 8-8 in his final season and who could forget the memorable 7-9 season?

  4. The reason Coughlin will be "safe" after next year is because he is an outstanding head coach. Not because of any other reason.

    How many AFC championship games did the Steelers lose at home as double-digit favorites before he finally won? Enough of Bill Cowher.

  5. I agree with all, except the first post. Coughlin is the second best coach in Giants history.

    And Cowher, he's a good coach, but how many times did his team's blow it in the playoffs? They never got past the Conference Championship Game. And the one time they did -- they won the most controversal Super Bowl in history.

    I don't think you should blow everything up just to have a chance to bring in Cowher. If everything falls apart around Coughlin or he retires, then maybe you can think of it.

  6. If there is a work stoppage why not bring in a new coach with say 7 or 8 games to put his new system in place. These players are professionals and therefore should be able to adapt to a new coach or system. If you give up on that year what will make that any different from this year. Jamie LaM