Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staff Safe

We're going to get defensive coordinator Perry Fewell on a conference call Thursday. But today he was on Sirius Radio, and he said there will be no more staff firings.

"I have a lot of confidence in the staff that’s presently here," Fewell said. "Both secondary coaches have a Super Bowl ring. One guy (Giunta) has two Super Bowl rings. Our linebackers coach is well known and an excellent linebackers coach. So we just want to fill that defensive line (coach) position with another knowledgeable person that can help us get over the top."

Fewell also said he likes to run a "flexible" defense, which probably means we'll see a mixture of Cover-2, blitzes, and man-to-man coverages. He does tend toward aggressiveness and emphasizes takeaways, as Buffalo's 28 interceptions this year indicate.

Right now, he's learning about the talent he'll have available.

"I have to find out what the talent level allows me to do," he said. "I think we take advantage of what our talent level does. And if it is more of an attacking style, blitz style of defense, that’s what we’ll do."



  1. please dont put osi and tuck in zone coverages, i have had enough of that

  2. I don't get why Guinta is staying but I like this guy.

  3. Hey, I like his comments regarding the flexible defenses. Disguise what you are doing and keep the other team guessing. Sheridan really didn't do that. Looks like we are playing tough teams next year. Our D will need to be ready for the other Manning, as we have him on the schedule.

  4. This is a mild form of torture for me. To my eye, they fired one of the better coaches on the defense and now they want to keep the coaches of the two WORST units on the team. Giunta couldn't get the secondary to play a decent 5 minute stretch for three months.

    What's next? Promote the Special Teams coach to Head Coach?

  5. I heard some rumors about Waufle (Ernie, correct me if I'm wrong), but supposedly Coughlin and some of the higher-ups felt Waufle was a little too close to some of his players.

    Rumor has it that he sided with Osi in his dispute with Sheridan. And apparently talked to Osi and some of the other D-lineman about the coaches (and not in a favorable manor).

    It could've been that Coughlin didn't want to fire any of the coaches, but was forced too because of Waufle's insubordination. And really, if he were that good, why wouldn't any other team pick him up besides that Raiders?

  6. Firing Wauffle for this reason makes no sense because they fired Sheridan first. So Wauffle's siding with Umenyiora would not be seen as insubordinate given Sheridan's dismal performance and subsequent dismissal. If Wauffle was "too close" to some players, perhaps some of the other coaches should get close to the players too because their players flat out stunk. The Giants had the worst back 7 I saw this entire season.

  7. This is NOT a good sign. To me it seems the coach Fewell does not have a entourage of coaches to bring with him to teach his scheme. This reeks of poor job, again, of Jerry Reese in identifying the best candidate for the job. Why didn't we interview other coaches? Why do we think that hiring one coach, and allowing him to hire just one staff will make the impact necessary. To me, the whole defense needs to be redone. Maybe Coach Fewell can get this done with the people on hand, but I seriously doubt it. What you have now is that Osi appears to have won the battle of wills, and his lackluster play is being brought into question at all. It is not posssible to imagine any head coach who would accept Giunta after his units performance.

  8. I think a couple of you are completely off base. I don't know if you saw the same team I did this season, but the D-line was just as terrible. Osi was nonexistent, Canty, Robbins, Bernard were terrible. Is that not Waufle's fault?

    And again, I bring up the point: If this guy was so good why is the only team that wanted him was the Oakland Raiders?

    Second, just because Fewell doesn't completely dismantle the coaching staff he's done a poor job? Remember this: The healthiest/most talented unit on this team last year was the D-line. The LB's missed Boley and Pierce for half the season. And had a completely underwhelming Danny Clark as the one lone healthy starter.

    Other than that it was a lot of Chase Blackburn (who is no better than a career backup) and Jonathan Goff (essentially a rookie).

    Then we all know the problems in the secondary. But what could you do with a terrible CC Brown and two average-to-below-average safeties in Michael Johnson and Aaron Rouse. The loss of Kenny Philips left the safeties with no real talent.

    And the Giants two starting CB's -- Corey Webster and Aaron Ross -- never played opposite each other all season, and didn't even play the last month.

    So, if you look at this defense rationally, you can say that the unit where there should have been no drop-off was the D-line. But, other than Tuck, that unit rarely came to play.

    And as Fewell said, this guy Giunta does have a Super Bowl ring as a defensive coordinator.

    And I don't think, two years removed from having a top-five defense does that unit need to be redone. Also, just asking, but did Spags bring anybody with him when he took over the DC job? Not that I know of. Or at least no one of real consequence.

  9. Over on giants.com, Bob Papa has a nice piece on his expereince with Perry Fewell. Check out Papa's Perspective:


  10. Dan,
    Let's not pretend that Giunta had no say in who made the roster and who they would keep to provide depth. I understand all about the injuries the Giants had and I'm not asking the defensive coaching staff to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. But let's face the ugly fact that the secondary played like they never played football before in their lives. They couldn't cover, couldn't tackle and at times looked like they didn't even understand what their assignments were supposed to be. They were embarrassing. I blame Giunta for not having his unit ready to go in any games at all against teams that had quarterbacks that could throw.
    And are you telling me that the Giants linebackers are such bad athletes that they are incapable of making any plays? I'm not buying that one either. I know there's not a boatload of talent at that position, but when your leading tacklers are corners and safeties, to me that means the LBs have been schemed out of making an impact.