Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rex Won't Stop

Just wondering what you guys thought when you read Rex Ryan's quotes today.

Oh, haven't gotten that far? Well, here's the crux of it.

"It's 0-0 and we have to get away a little bit, but let's come back hungrier than ever," he said. "Let's try to get a home game. Let's play this game in front of our fans and our stadium, the new Jets stadium."

Actually, the connotation there is with an upper-case N, upper-case S, as in New Jets Stadium, Ryan's proposed name for the new digs that open next season. Hmmm. Sounds like he'd prefer the Giants in that new soccer stadium in Harrison, N.J.

I'm just sayin'.



  1. I hope you and we have better things to write.

  2. He wishes he owned the NY market. I dont know when this guy gets the time to eat all that food running his mouth all the time. That being said I wish he was running the Giants D.

  3. Dear Coach Ryan, you're welcome for the meadowlands letting you play in GIANTS STADIUM last year and for the subsequent years prior to that. Too bad Manhattan and the rest of the boroughs wouldn't let you build a stadium of your own. I guess you need to win more than just one super bowl in your history in order for a stadium of your own. Please have a gander at the 3 Lombardi trophies held by your NFC counterpart. Shiney, huh?

  4. Ya gotta love Rex! I don't think anyone should have an inferiority complex with the Jets so let 'em enjoy their time in the sun. He's the best thing to happen to them since Parcell's. Hopefully he stays longer.

  5. Rex...Just worry about your own team and leave the Giants alone. Yeah...we had a down year but for you to say you are now the biggest game in town..I beg to differ. You got to the AFC Championship game and you should be commended. But until you start winning Super Bowls....don't even go there. I saw Herman Edwards have success as well as Mangini (Man-Genius he was dubbed) ...then they both flopped miserably. So, until you win the big one...keep your mouth shut.

  6. Hey Ernie: I see that Valentine on BBR is floating a Kerry Rhodes-for-Osi trade rumor. Any dirt on this?