Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Haslett Possible

Looks like former New Orleans coach Jim Haslett has entered into the defensive coordinator's mix. The Giants, according to ESPN, contacted Haslett, but he's considered more of a fallback candidate if both Perry Fewell, who will probably end up in Chicago, or Romeo Crennel, likely bound for Kansas City, both fall through.

Don't be surprised to see a few more names pop up here. Meanwhile, we'll try to find out more on Haslett.



  1. Why is Perry Fewell the favorite? His defenses sucked.

  2. Red Flag on Crennel. If I was a multi-millionaire coach out of a job who was looking for a new job, I wouldnt be in Aruba during the first week of hiring season.

  3. Hey Ern,

    I know someone gave you a hard time about it before, but I agree with you -- I don't think Kurt Warner is a Hall of Famer.

    He had 2 1/2 great years in St. Louis and two great years in Arizona. He did appear in three Super Bowls (winning one), which is a very impressive stat.

    But for a six year stretch (granted injuries were a factor) he had a 13-29 record. And in four of those years he averaged less than 205 yards passing. I really don't see it.

    He had four great years, but that's it. I'm trying to think of a football comparison, but I don't think I have one. For baseball you might be able to use Don Mattingly, but football, I don't know.

  4. Even though this post is not about Warner, I think I may be able to help out here. In thinking of HoF QBs in regards to Warner, the thought of Jim Kelly jumped out at me. In non-statistical comparison, Warner has one SB ring and two NFL MVP awards. Kelly has no SB rings and I could not find any info regarding if he was ever NFL MVP, but I don't remember him ever receiving the award. Statstical comparison: Kelly played in 160 games, Warner 125. Kelly had a career QB rating of 84.4 compared to Warner's 93.7. Kelly passed for 35,467; Warner 32,344. Kelly had 237 TD passes, 175 ints, Warner 208, 128. Kelly career pass percentage, 60.1%; Warner 65.5%. Take into account that Jim Kelly played in 35 more games than Warner. Kelly was 0-4 in SB games(do account for one SB he got hurt early and missed the rest of the game), Warner 1-2 (and that one SB victory was about one yard short of a loss). Both are stand-up guys, who are true competitors. IF Warner can continue moderate numbers for a season and a half, he should catch up with Kelly. This is an interesting argument, as I can see both sides' point. Both had good weapons at times and mediocre weapons other times. If I had a vote, I think I would give it to Warner. Maybe not first ballot, but down the road.

    I am still trying to figure out how Roger Craig and Cris Carter are not already in.

  5. Am I the only one who is not thrilled with any of these names that are being thrown around here for the DC job? There's got to be someone better out there.

    Ernie, who would fit the basic type of situation we had with Spagnolo - a coach who is from a good, aggresive system that is looking to take the next step up?

    Hey, what about Bill Sheridan?! Oh wait, that didn't work so well..... Just kidding obviously, but is there a Spagnolo-type out there that hasn't even been mentioned yet?

    Also, it will be very interesting to see who Parcells tries to hire for the Dolphins. I would imagine the Giants should be looking for the same type of DC.