Friday, January 22, 2010

Waufle Finds Job

Deposed Giants defensive line coach Mike Waufle has landed safely with the Raiders -- or as safely as anyone can with any team owned by Al Davis.

According to ESPN, Waufle signed on to become the team's defensive line coach. The only question now is who he'll report to. Davis has met with several head coaching candidates, but has yet to fire current boss Tom Cable. Guess it doesn't matter who leads that club in 2010, a job is a job. And Waufle's a good guy and a player's coach, so he should do fine out there for as long as the gig lasts.



  1. hahaahaha ................ haahahahahah .............. Nobody will want to talk football with you out there so u should be happy Awful Waufle. haahaha... Al Davis as ur boss ..... hahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wasn't Waufle on the Raiders' staff before? I recall seeing him in an NFL Films presentation of I think it was the Tuck game, but I'm not positive...

  3. I liked Waufle. He had the fire and drive that the D-line needs. Bummer to see him move to a crap team like that.