Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Haslett

Should probably knock Jim Haslett off the list of DC candidates. Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer just re-signed with Cincinnati, which means Haslett will probably go to the Redskins, with whom he interviewed yesterday.

Just as well. Don't know if Haslett's rather free-wheeling personality would clash with Coughlin's disciplined take on things. Again, wonder if Greg Blache could be an option here.



  1. Ernie - is it your take, since the Giants are letting "name" guys get signed left and right, that NY will go for a "no-name" a la Spags for DC? As we saw with Spags, it can pay off. However, as we saw with Sheridan, it can be a disaster.

  2. If things fall the way they appear to be, they may be left with only the so-called no-name pick. Just a feeling here, with little to back it up except the history with Spags, but I'm wondering if Coughlin isn't perusing the list of DL, LB, and DB assistants rather than going hard after a just-fired coordinator.

  3. Ernie - I would feel more comfortable about that if Coughlin's record in picking DCs was better. Looks like we're going to make some assistant's year memorable and profitable. Let's hope he can make ours enjoyable! I think Coughlin is gambling his job here. If he picks Sheridan II, I don't see how he could possibly survive another season like this one.