Friday, January 15, 2010

Something For Fewell To Consider

If you think a problem is unique to you, look around. Chances are, somebody else is suffering from the same thing.

As this New York Times article by my good friend Judy Battista shows, the Giants apparently weren't the only defense who couldn't cover a tight end this year. She notes that a good tight end became an invaluable weapon in the passing game this year, with numerous ones victimizing defenses on a weekly basis.

Of course, the Giants' problems were huge, having given up seven passes of over 20 yards this year to tight ends. And let's not even talk about the overall picture that saw tight ends pick up mountains of cumulative yardage against linebackers and safeties who left them free down downfield.

New defensive coordinator Perry Fewell should certainly clip himself a copy of it, as fixing this problem will be a top priority for him. And don't be surprised if this growing phenomenon forces the Giants to draft a fast, coverage linebacker at some point on the first day, perhaps with the 15th pick in the first round.


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  1. I guess the Giants need a TE because unless u think Beckum is the guy, they don't have a real gamechanger on the roster. At the risk of irritating u, sorry Ern but Judy Battista doesn't know the difference between a football and a bocce ball. Her writing style is both elitist and circuituous at the same time.