Friday, January 29, 2010

So Long, Chris

Looks like Tom Coughlin will have a staff spot to fill after all, though it wasn't his decision to create the opening. Quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer, a man who largely contributed to the maturation of Eli Manning over the past three seasons, announced his retirement today.

Several reports said he's moving out of the NFL to become head coach of the UFL's Sentinels. The Sentinels, originally based in New York, are slated to move to Hartford, Ct., which is where Palmer resides. They recently fired head coach Ted Cottrell.

"Chris did an outstanding job coaching Eli," Coughlin said. "He has been Eli’s coach and confidant in the years that he’s been here. Eli and Chris had a very good working relationship. I believe Eli has established himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the National Football League, and I see nothing but continued improvement in the future.

"Chris was very well thought of here. Ownership thinks highly of Chris and so do I. We wish him well going forward."

Palmer, who ends a 38-year coaching career, came to the Giants when Kevin Gilbride was elevated to offensive coordinator in the wake of John Hufnagle's firing in 2006. He brought some of the more innovative passing drills to the organization.

"I really enjoyed working with Coach Palmer," Manning said. "Over the last three years we've had some great success and I've improved as a quarterback. He's a terrific coach when it comes to technique. He's great not only on the field but also in the meeting room. I'm really sorry to see him go."

Palmer and Manning grew close as Manning's success soared, from winning the Super Bowl to this year, as he completed his first 4,000-yard passing season.

"It was very rewarding to me to work with Eli, because you had a player who grew every year," Palmer said. "We won the Super Bowl. He was a guy that you looked forward to coming to work with every day, because he was going to challenge you and he was going to look for ways to get better. We hit it off from day one."

Palmer spent two seasons as head coach of the expansion Cleveland Browns. Other than that, he made his name as an offensive coordinator and a developer of quarterbacks, listing among his success stories the Cowboys' Tony Romo, and the Texans' David Carr, with whom he would reunite with the Giants. He was also Coughlin's offensive coordinator for his two runs to the AFC Championship game in Jacksonville, where he worked with Mark Brunell. He also helped Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe to one of his most successful years.

"I think Chris was an excellent addition to our staff," Coughlin said. "I hired Chris to be my offensive coordinator in Jacksonville. Because of my knowledge of his unique abilities as a quarterback coach I wanted him here and I wanted him to be able to work with Eli. He came in and we had a historic year here in 2007 (winning Super Bowl XLII). Eli had a great playoff run and Chris was a part of that."

No word on a replacement yet. Wonder if former Seahawks quarterback and recently-fired Redskins head coach Jim Zorn would be interested. He had a pretty good relationship with his players.



  1. Big Loss for Eli, however he has grown enough now to stand on his own, thanks in part to Chris Palmer.

    There was a lot of pressure on the organisation and Eli when he came in given the draft circumstances. You can't say it wasn't successful and Palmer deserves some kudos for that.

    Wonder who is in line for this gig? Any suggestions? How about Kurt Warner? He is looking for work.

    Chris B.

  2. Hey Ern,

    Mike G is reporting he is going to the UFL as a head much for retiring.

    Chris B.

  3. Why leave the NFL for the UFL?!?!? I was channel surfing and came across one their games. There was maybe 800 people in the stands. Maybe. I've seen bigger crowds at high school swim meets. Palmer's going to be out of work in a year. I can see coaching in college, where you're covered in case of a NFL lockout. But the UFL? Hope the guy gets paid upfront. Bad career move. The UFL is where you go when you CAN'T get work in the NFL. I understand it's a "promotion", but you don't leave a four star restaurant as the pastry chef to be the head chef at McDonalds.

  4. First off Ern, Zorn is NOT coming to the Giants. LOL. He is not a TC guy or a Giant guy. His qb development track record is pretty bad and he is a CLOWN with questionable reasoning skills.

    Palmer leaving IS GREAT for the GMEN!! Palmer was not a detriment to the cause but he hardly distinguished himself (Is Eli the second coming? Was his development lightning quick? No and no). Any new blood on that staff besidesthe Head Coaching position is needed. If this season showed anything new voices are needed in the locker room.

    QUINN UR NEXT!!! GO TO THE UFL OR HELL! Im not sure which is worst.

    Ern, do you think the Giants might have any interest in Tebow? I think it would be interesting to see if the community thinks taking a mid rounder on him would be worth it??

  5. Totally agree Dweez,

    I don't know how he thinks going to the UFL is an upgrade. Makes zero sense to me. I would have thought he would have tried to get on as an OC somewhere if he wanted to move up.

    Chris B.

  6. Wayno,

    For me, take Tebow if he is available in the fourth or fifth round, which he won't be.

    I'm not sold on him as an NFL QB. Plus, this is not a need for the Giants. Sure they need to develop someone and they are investing in Bomar right now. Is that worth it? I have no idea. However, we just have way to many other needs right now to use a higher pick, in my opinion.

    Chris B.

  7. Ernie what do you think about David Cutliffe? He coached both Peyton & Eli in college. Maybe he would leave Duke to reunite with Eli? It might be a good fit?

  8. Cutliffe turned down the Tennessee job, he is not coming yo the Giants.

  9. considering our situation at LB and safety, why would we draft Tim Tebow? Unless one is not a believer in Eli, in which case, one would be nuts.

    We need to draft TWO D-backs and TWO linebackers in the first four rounds, or use our picks to trade for them. Rounds 5,6,7 we pick off some monsters for O-line and D-line.

    Draft done.

  10. Tebow will be a bust in the NFL... Can you say "Byron Leftwich with less Arm strength"? I look forward to watching his god abandon him after his first 3 Int/ 3 fumble game.


  11. Can't A package of plays including short yardage be designed for him? Don't you all wish the Giants had some sort of wildcat package?

  12. Wayno2424 - I wouldn't trust Gilbride with a wildcat package. He would find a way to turn it into a 10 yard loss everytime.

  13. How much do the Colts or the Saints run the wildcat?