Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No More Romeo

And now we can officially cross Romeo Crennel off the list. He's been hired by Kansas City as its defensive coordinator, according to ESPN.

Guess Crennel figured there were too many New England connections there to pass up, between offensive coordinator Charlie Weis and general manager Scott Pioli.

Wish I had a nickel for Perry Fewell's thoughts right now.



  1. I will save u a nickel Ern, here they are "Dum da doo do," Perry Fewell is a moron and terrible football coach.

  2. Wow...with all the names that have shunned the Giants, at this point, I think it's safe to say it might be worth it to give Pepper a call to gauge his interest.

  3. i dont even know who i want for DC? any of you have a favorite?

  4. To answer Scott's question my favorite candidate is someone who has worked under a great defensive coach like Spag's. Spag's worked under the great Jim Johnson for years and turned out to be a great hire for us. As far as I'm concerned Coughlin should be interviewing coaches from the Patriots (Belicek), Eagles (Johnson) or Cowboys (Phillips).

  5. I tend to agree with Brian, i'm just not sure which staff I would target. i think the eagles are probably depleted at this point in time, dallas and new england both run 3-4's.

  6. First, I have to completely disagree with Brian. Maybe in years past you could go after those teams coordinators, but not anymore, except maybe Dallas.

    Philly and New England were terrible defensively this year. Did you see the Eagles try and play defense? And also, are you sold on moving to a 3-4? There's also San Diego, the Jets and Baltimore if you want to talk about top defenses recently.

    The Pats haven't had a good D in about three years. Philly? This year they were almost as bad as the Giants.

    What about the prospect of the Giants trying to scoop up another D-coordinator already under contract and make him Ast. Heac Coach?

    Would Coughlin or Reese go for that?

    The guy I'm thinking of is Leslie Frazer of the Vikings. I know he's in the running for the Bills job, but if that falls through would he or the Giants be interested in that move?

  7. the league is so offense minded these days its hard to have a good defense. if you breath on a receiver or the qb its a flag

  8. Dan, A good defensive mind is a good defensive mind regardless. Just because someone has worked for Belicek or Phillips doesn't mean they can't coach a 4/3 defense. I'll take my chances with someone who has been working for Belicek for the past 10 years (Johnson) over someone else without the same experience. If you're going to limit the DC search to only candidates that run the same exact system as the Giants you'll be left hiring from within...we all know where that got us with Sheridan. Fewell runs a Tampa 2 so I guess he's out. As far as Frazier making a lateral move to join the Giants - it ain't happening. For one, the Giants are notoriously cheap when it comes to paying coaches. Two, why would Frazier leave Minnesota with Jared Allen and the "Williams Wall" to coach this teams cast of characters?

  9. Brian,

    I never said the Giants should only hire 4-3 coaches, just that they shouldn't limit their search to a 3-4 guy. And there are plenty of good defenses that are 4-3. Remember the Giants defense of '08? They were pretty good.

    You say Fewell's out, but yet he's the only one that's been invited in for an interview.

    The only reason I could see Frazier coming is because Coughlin has two years left on his contract. If you make him Ast. Coach then he could be in line for the Head Coaching job once Coughlin retires -- most likely in 2011.

    And when was the last time the Pats and Eagles were known for their defense?

    The Eagles defense was just as bad as the Giants this year. And last I looked the Patriots are an offensive team, regardless of the coach.

  10. Ernie - Any word as to whether or not Greg Blache is under consideration? I can't understand why Jerry Gray is considered a hot commodity and Blanche isn't getting a sniff.

  11. Dan, I only say Fewell is out based on your logic of only considering coaches who run the Giants system. Fewell does not. He runs a Tampa 2. I'm not saying look at only 3/4 coaches. I'm saying if we have to hire a guy who's never been a DC let's at least make sure he's been working for a top notch defensive coach like Spag's was when we hired him from the Eagles. Yes, the Patriots and the Eagles had down years defensively but are you trying to say that means Belicek and Jim Johnson aren't/were two of the best defensive coaches in the game. Jim Johnson will get in the hall of fame as a defensive coordinator. Belicek as a head coach. I'll take my chances with their pupils any day over someone with the same experience.

  12. Really? You'd take McDermott of the Eagles right now?

    The Eagles were 12th in total D, the Giants -- 13th. The Eagles were 19th in scoring, yes that's better than the Giants 30th, but it's still the bottom half of the league.

    And if Spags was a Jimmy Johnson disciple, then can't you say Sheridan was a Spags guy, and would also fall under the Johnson tree?

    And you are misunderstanding me -- I don't care who they get (as long as they're competent), but you seem to only be focusing on 3-4 guys.

    And no I do not want Fewell, but no Giants fan should. He runs that god-awful Cover-2. Remember the last time the Giants played that?

    That's right, it was Terrible Tim Lewis' defense. The Giants may or may not be built for the 3-4, I think they could potentially pull it off, but Osi would be the big problem, as he doesn't fit in.

    But this team (and no good defensive team) is built for a Cover-2. Teams that play it typically have strong offenses. And in order to play it successfully you really need to have a dominant front four, DB's that play the ball and stay in their zone and fast LB's that can play in space and stop those five yard routes for only five yards. The Giants struggle in most of those areas.

    Their front four is good, but they don't get constant pressure on opposing teams. And their DB's, well we've seen how they play. And their LB's? They don't play well in space.