Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bill Sheridan Lands On Feet

He'll be the Dolphins' new linebackers coach, according to NFL Network, after interviewing down there yesterday. That means the Dolphins are still in the market for a defensive coordinator, and the ranks of candidates there are thinning now that it appears Romeo Crennel will wind up with Kansas City and Perry Fewell could land in Chicago.

Jerry Gray, anyone? Although reports have it that the Redskins' secondary coach is interviewing for that team's DC job today.



  1. Does anyone else get the feeling that the Giants are going to be the odd man out in this defensive coordinator shuffle? Somewhere I read that since Coughlin is not in the most stable situation, job-wise, or may retire soon, potential candidates may be a little leery of taking the Giants' DC position.

    To me, it is very interesting that the Dolphins scooped up Bill Sheridan as their linebackers coach. Parcells knows what he is doing. As it turns out, by picking the wrong man last year as DC, the Giants lost both their DC (Spagnolo) and a very good linebackers coach (Sheridan).

  2. Is that why NONE of our young LBs have developed?