Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Collecting Stuff

For all you collectors out there, Steiner Sports Collectibles will offically announce tomorrow its sale of Giants Stadium memorabilia.

The whole list is on their website now. But here's just an example. You can get a stadium seat for $499, or a seatback for $99. They've also got pieces of the field packaged in various ways.

Hmmm. Wonder if they've got any defensive coordinators lying around that warehouse.



  1. I hope ur getting paid to run this post because Steiner Sports Sux!!! Those jerks try to create mini monopolies with stars/events and jack up the prices on everybody. I read a quote from one of the bastards who said they were thinking snout selling bottled Yankee air. Do me a favor if u participate in that auction and tell any of the Steiners they can kiss my butt because they are not getting a cent from me!

  2. Yeah, Ernie...I dunno. I agree with Wayno on this one regarding the sentiment. The very few times I have been in contact with anyone from Steiner sports or the memorabilia industry, there is a feeling that no matter what you do, you feel like you're getting fleeced. I do not see this as any sort of honest industry.

  3. No attempt to drum up business for them. Just offered as a point of interest to collectors. Participate at your own risk.

  4. At Yankee stadium they charged X amount for a seat. However if u wanted ur specific seats that u may have been paying 30 years for they would charge u double. The Fleece is on!