Monday, January 4, 2010

The Schedule

Here's the Giants' schedule for next season, 14 games of which were predetermined by the NFL's scheduling formula. Their other two games will come against Carolina (home) and Seattle (away) by virtue of their third-place finish in their respective divisions.


Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, Detroit, Carolina, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Chicago.


Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Minnesota, Houston, Indianapolis, and Seattle.

The exact dates and times will be announced at some point after the draft.

And speaking of the draft, the Giants will pick in the No. 15 spot. They should be able to get a pretty good player there. Maybe a middle linebacker?



  1. So we might was well host the Panthers Week 16 and head out to Minnesota for Week 17. Third time's the charm, right?

  2. Gilbride needs to understand that it starts with the running game. We need to see if Jacobs and Bradshaw can get healthy and if not need to re-load. I would love to see Thomas Pepper Johnson have the chance to return pride to the defense. He has paid his dues. No matter what happens these guys need to learn how to tackle.

  3. That is going to be a tough road schedule: Green Bay, Minnesota, Indianapolis, not to mention our division rivals Dallas and Philadelphia. Houston is a dangerous team, that could get stronger, who knows which Houston team shows up week to week. Tennessee will be no picnic at home, same could be said at this point against Carolina. Dang. We better be ready, cause if this team plays next year with this schedule the way they did this year, we will be in trouble. I hope we get Indianapolis or Tennessee to open with our first road game. An early victory on the road against one of those two would spark a good vibe/confidence in the team.

    Trade up 14 spots, get Suh!!! (by the way, I am a Huskers fan too)

  4. Spikes could be available at 15.

    Chris B.

  5. Ernie, who the F made this schedule - Jerry Jones and Andy Reid? The Giants have to play 4 dome teams on the road!! Minnesota, Houston, Seattle and Indy. Someone is definately asleep at the switch in the league office.

  6. Very winnable Home schedule, and boy they better because that is one brutal roster of Away games. Even Seattle, which isn't a good team, is a tough place to play with the crowd noise and travel involved.