Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coughlin and Fewell Interviews

Here's the link to the Tom Coughlin interview on WFAN. And here's the one to the Perry Fewell interview on the same station.



  1. Wow Ern, u are on fire!!!!! Keep em coming!!!!!

  2. Francesca.....blah. Pretty standard interview. Sounds like a guy who knows what he wants and hopefully he can fire up this crew.

  3. I was the one who was critical of the Nunn hiring. My points are reasonable, there is a body of work that only lasts about 2 seasons or less anywhere he's been.
    if you listen to Fewell, this was not a guy he considered but he was recommended to him by TC and other coaches. Given this is the only hiring he'll get, why wouldn't he hire someone he's worked with before? This seems to promote a lack of cohesion within the group. In terms of the other D-lines he'c coached, they included players like Jason Taylor, Bruce Smith, KGB. Maybe Osi and Kiwi fit this mold and will work under his mentoring, that's a positive but also these guys all played with Giant (fat) run stoppers that allowed them to essentially be one dimensional D ends. This seems like the type of scheme we already have and it didn't work