Monday, January 25, 2010

Re-thinking Moderation

Dweez made a good point in the last entry. I suppose in this brave new world of the internet, there is no way to keep away the idiots and those who seek to hurt. And the constant moderation of comments would certainly curtail a smooth flow of opinion, which would be counterproductive to the aims of this blog.

So here's the deal. I'm taking off the moderation filter and going back to the old way. But I reserve the right to delete any offensive comments immediately. If you see a space and message that says "This comment has been deleted by the administator," or something similar to that, you'll know somebody overstepped the bounds of privilege.

So again, keep it clean. Keep it civil. And leave the non-combatants out of it.



  1. Classy move, Ernie. The flow of opinion is open and you can protect your intellectual property. Win-win.

  2. Good move...Most of the people on this blog will respect your wishes for sure.

  3. Agreed. 100%.

    Chris B.