Monday, January 11, 2010

Add Another Name

Here's another name to consider for Tom Coughlin's defensive coordinator list: Paul Pasqualoni. The Dolphins just fired him as their defensive coordinator, and Coughlin has a connection with him from Syracuse.

Also, ESPN reports that a deal will likely be done for Romeo Crennel in Kansas City, which means he probably won't even interview for the Giants job. Miami is also said to be interested in him.

And ESPN-Chicago reported that Kevin Gilbride's agent, Paul Sheehy, said there was no truth to the rumor that the Bears were interested in him for the open offensive coordinator's spot.

"[There] is no truth at all in any Kevin Gilbride to the Bears [reports] in any way," Sheehy said in a text message to



  1. Sounds like this picture is going to get murkier before it gets clearer. I guess what we know is that there is no clear candidate.

    McClain, from Bama, is entering the draft. Butkus award winner and would look good in a Giants uniform.

    Chris B.

  2. Is there any real shot for McClain at15??? Ern went dark most of the weekend but he's back with a vengence!!!!

  3. First, I'd like to completely agree -- McClain is a stud and I would love for him to slide into a LB spot next season for the G-Men.

    And after looking at Miami's stats for this past season, I don't think I would want to see Pasqualoni running the defense for the Giants.

    Miami's D was just as bad as the Giants -- allowed 24.4 ppg, 349 ypg and less turnovers than the Giants 24-21. But the Dolphins were third in sacks with 44.

    I know we have a better team than Miami, but that defense was barely better than ours. Ernie please don't tell me he's been invited in for an interview.

    The list is gettig pretty short at this point. Who's left? Jauron. But it doesn't seem like he's coming over.

    Would the Giants try and steal another D-coordinator and make them Asst. Head Coach? With the knowledge that Coughlin only has two years left on his contract and is in his early 60s, this coordinator might jettison to the Giants in hopes of being a HC in another two years.

    What do you think?

    Any other names out there because right now I don't like the ones I'm hearing. What about Jim Mora? Or Greg Blache? What do you hear?

  4. Dan:

    Not hearing much of anything. Very secretive, this whole process. And obviously, judging by what everybody else has, nobody's really talking to anybody.

  5. I can't see Coughlin having any interest, let alone hiring a guy Parcell's just fired. Coughlin comes from the school of Parcell's. This makes no sense to me, am I missing something?

    Chris B

  6. I think the Giants should stay clear of fired defensive coordinators. They get fired for a reason - cause they suck.

  7. I hope the Giants don't become the odd man out in this musical chairs of defensive coordinators. They need someone to instill passion back into the defense. Not sure who that is. I just hope he doesn't end up coaching for another team.

  8. Well here is my take,

    I actually think it would be a pretty good job for someone. The defense was horrible this year for a variety of reasons including - injury, communication issues, scheme's, and personnel (C.C. Brown).

    However having this unit healthy would make a big difference and I strongly believe their is talent there. Plus, we will add some talent (help me out here Reese!). So add it up and it is very conceivable you could take this from a 28th ranked defense back into respectability. That rise would look good on anyone's resume. Especially in NY, where the team is a defense first club. Plus the franchise is considered a pretty class act.

    I dunno, I think its a good gig and they should be able to attract high quality people.

    Chris B.

  9. My concern is the same as John's. I don't mind if coughlin takes his time and really scouts around for the right coordinator. But if Jauron doesn't want to be a coordinator, Capers is out, Haslett is a long shot as is Crennel, who's left?

    I know there are still the guys down in Washington, Pepper Johnson and the LB coach for the Jets. But I don't know if I'm enthralled with any of those candidates.

    The only person interviewed so far has been Perry Fewell who I would not want as coordinator.

    And I don't mind that they're being secretive about this whole thing, but I wish I had some idea of what direction they were going in.

  10. Ernie,

    Just heard a rumor that USC has offered a contract to Jack Del Rio. If he takes it does Gilbride have any connections with Jacksonville that you know of?

  11. who would take the usc job, they are on the brink of sanctions

  12. pasqualoni was an absolute failure at the college and pro levels, please avoid going down this path.

    The defense had a bad year, and even worse had some bad influences on the young players. The only solution is a solid experienced def coordinator, don't go searching for the diamond in the rough, Jauron, Fewell or Crennel

  13. Ernie,

    What's your take on Jim Mora for the Giants?