Friday, January 8, 2010

Interesting Doings Out West

Jay Glazer of Fox reports that Seattle has fired head coach Jim Mora after just one season. That's where Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross is interviewing for the GM's position that opened during the season.

Ross would be looking at a coaching search if he got the job. Wonder what that means for guys like Kevin Gilbride and Chris Palmer. We'll keep an eye on that one as the weeks go by.



  1. I selfishly wish Spags would get the ax so he could come back as Defensive Coordinator and head coach in waiting.


  2. I concur with Mark and Scott. Knowing this is reality though, and commenting on this post, I would gladly wave good-bye to KG, and keep Palmer. If KG leaves, who do we get for OC?

    By the way, anyone else get a good laugh when seeing Charlie Weiss is now OC at Kansas City?

  3. I don't know about that on Ernie. ESPN is reporting that Pete Carroll is the leading candidate for the head coaching job in Seattle. Also, Carroll is very interested in the position.

    Would this mean that Marc Ross would stay with the Giants if he didn't have a choice over who the head coach would be for his team?

  4. Jim Mora never wanted that job, and they hired him after he admitted so. No surprise that Carroll will come to NFL after cheating his way to the top of the NCAA

  5. Marc Ross was a beard to throw people off the Carroll story. Now that the Carrol info is out, Marc might as well get back on the plane. Pete Carroll will be coach and team president for five year $35 million. Giants dodged a bullet.