Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All-Decade Question

The NFL released the names of 12 players selected to the All-Decade team who will be playing in the Pro Bowl. The rest of the 53-man roster will be released in Sunday's pre-game show at 5:30 p.m.

So the question is, does anyone not think DE Michael Strahan will NOT have a spot on that team? I don't see how he'd miss, considering he was probably the most dominant defensive end from 2000-2009, having ended his career after the Super Bowl win in '07. He certainly did it long enough.


The 12 announced members are San Diego tight end Antonio Gates, Steelers and Jets guard Alan Faneca, Seattle and Minnesota guard Steve Hutchinson, Jets and Titans center Kevin Mawae, Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, Redskins and Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey, Eagles and Broncos safety Brian Dawkins, Raiders punter Shane Lechler, Eagles kicker David Akers, and Browns returner Josh Cribbs.



  1. Strahan definitely belongs on that team.

  2. It would be an absolute travesty if he is not. The guy is a first ballot hall of famer. Please....

    Chris B.

  3. If Michael Strahan doesn't make it the team will be a total joke. Much more so than currently.

    The big name on that list that jumps out is cheapshot artist Dawkins a good player but certainly not all decade. His reputation was always bigger than his play because of his big hits that are or at least were usually cheap too. One player not on that list that is much better than this punk is Darren Sharper.

    Champ Bailey always had a bigger rep and one corner not on that list better is Charles Woodson, who I think is one of the great corners of all time. Everybody sucks in Oakland and unfortunately for him that will dog his legacy.

    Allen Faneca seems a stretch to me and has Demarcus Ware really done enough in his limited time to make the team.

  4. No way Demarcus Ware belongs. Unbelievable Cowboy-bias at work. Why not put Miles Austin on it? He had 1 good year - so why not!!!????

  5. DeMucous Ware? Please... 2 good years do not a decade make.

  6. Demarcus Ware??? How the hell does Strahan NOT make that team? Total BS!

  7. If Strahan doesn't make the team then it's a complete joke. Although, I will say, the clueless Peter King failed to put Strahan on his all-decade team putting on Jason Taylor and some bumb from the Steelers (I forget his name), he got hurt this year.

    But Strahan set the record for sacks in a season, was named Defensive POY, won a Super Bowl, played the run better than any end in recent history and there were times he was triple-teamed and still got to the QB.

    The guy was a real joy to watch play the game. Ernie, you would know better than me, but a few years ago the TV showed a stat of the Giants record with Strahan and their record without (during his playing career, of course). And it was startling. The Giants were a legit playoff team with him and a flat out bad team without him.

    If he doesn't make it, the system is a joke. FYI -- hhe is better than Jason Taylor (who almost certainly will be on the team).

  8. Michael Strahan was the BEST DE OF ALL TIME! In terms of pure pass rushing he was better than Bruce Smith and Jason Taylor. Reggie White while probably a bit of a better pass rusher was leap years behind the BEST RUN STOPPING DE OF ALL TIME! Any time u wanted to run a sweep to Strahan's side he would manipulate the OL and use leverage better than any other DE.

  9. Bruce Smith was a better pure pass rusher than Michael Strahan, but could not defend the run like Michael. Reggie was probably the best of all time in my opinion. But Jason Taylor? Pleeease! He might be a better dancer than Strahan...but that's it.

  10. I LOVE MICHAEL STRAHAN, one of the best ever. As good as his pass rush was, he was EVEN BETTER against the run. With all that said, Reggie White was better. Since White was a 90's guy, Strahan is an 00's guy and gets that spot.

    Agreed on the Ware stuff... if Ware is so good, let him have the longevity for the next (10's) team.