Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Story

Pretty good story on Perry Fewell's personal and coaching personality from the Chicago Tribune. Certainly worth a read, and may put to rest some of those Cover-2 concerns.

He's apparently a fairly hard-nosed guy in the meeting rooms, unafraid to call out players if they mess up. Might be the kind of "accountability" guy the Giants defense needs right now.

Oh, and about director of college scouting Marc Ross' potential as Seattle's new GM? He's apparently out of the running. The Seahawks are reportedly choosing between former Titans GM Floyd Reese and the Steelers' Omar Kahn, which means Ross' eye for collegiate talent will be staying right where it's needed for now.



  1. Great news on Ross! Thank you. Whew.....

    Chris B.

  2. Ernie,

    You are the best. And this post is why you have the best Giants blog around.

    Great link.

    As much as I criticized him before for being a Cover-2 guy, I was a little relieved to see he doesn't mind bringing pressure and mixing it up.

    The story had some real good quotes from some of his former players as well. And I will say this: I have read a few articles that said he is an up-and-coming defensive mind.

    Ernie, I think you changed my opinion of him. I am still not sold on him, but I no longer believe it will be a total catastrophe if he's hired.