Friday, January 29, 2010

First Order Of Business

In keeping with our literary theme from yesterday, today I'd like to discuss "Little Women." Were they really little? How tall were they? Did they travel around in a clown car?

After you've thoroughly exhausted that discussion, I'd like to ask a football question, if I may. Yesterday, Perry Fewell said he's been studying tapes of last year's game to evaluate his players' physical skills. I ask you, what should his next step involve? Is it really necessary to find the holes in Bill Sheridan's schemes and discover why things went so horribly wrong last year, or would he be better served by going straight to developing his own schemes based on what he's seen on tape?

Aside from adding new players through free agency and the draft, how would you suggest Fewell fix this squad?

The floor is open.



  1. The Little Women traveled around on the Giants team plane, masquerading as their defense players.

  2. Beat me to it Eric! The first thing Fewell should do is tell Osi he sux and he can stay away until he is traded. Second, he should institute his scheme and let Jerry know what he would like most, including possible under the radar bills players that might help as role players. Thats about it.

  3. I don't think he needs to go analyzing Sheridan's scheme. It obviously didn't work. If he wants to watch last year's games to see the team's strengths that's fine.

    But after that, he should start figuring out how to use his scheme and where the players fit best. I agree with Wayno about checking out some Bills players he might want to bring in. And probably giving him a list of weaknesses the D has so they can target players via the draft and free agency.

    And probably as we've all said, something like a LB, DT and S.

    Also, Ern, I'd like to hear your thoughts on SI's Don Banks early predicition that the Giants will draft Jason Pierre-Paul, a DE out of South Florida in the first round.

    According to Banks, safeties Earl Banks and Taylor Mays would still be avaliable, as would LB Brandon Spikes and DT Dan Williams.

    FYI - he didn't have DT Brian Price drafted in the first round.

  4. I think Fewell should take a look at tapes from when Spags was running the defense. I would rather he looks at schemes that highlighted the players talents than ones that obviously didn't work this year.

  5. First thing he should note while watching tape is this: How many players weren't sticking their heads in there to stop the run. In other words, find out who quit. Then get rid of those players.

    Everything else comes second.

  6. I think he should start to implement his own plan asap.

    Ernie - I may be overreacting here, so I'm going to trust your judgement. Do you think there is an issue with the Giants strength and conditioning staff? It seems to me that the Giants get MORE than their fair share of injuries each year and the severity of those injuries are more severe than what I perceive as the NFL "norm". How many games have been missed by a litany of players with hamstring issues? When I played football in High School (a joke compared to the NFL - I know),I hurt my hammy in my sophomore year. I then had to warm up a half an hour earlier than the other guys. Coach's rule. Stiff hammies got you an extra 30 minutes of stretching whether you wanted it or not. Now, I know I'm comparing apples to oranges, but do the Giants make the injury prone guys do extra conditioning and stretching? Is everything that can be done happening to make sure these guys don't get hurt? I'll admit I'm looking through my "fan's eyes", but I see a team that has a consistent injury problem and I don't see it being addressed. The reality of this past season is the defense would not have been as bad had the D not had so many injuries. I wondering whether Fewell might want to look at that issue on top of installing his schemes.

  7. I think the next step is getting player assessments from his assistants and having long discussions with them. When players are not around, he basically has to work with his assistants to get them all working together as a unit - schemes, goals, players, etc. will come out from this process.

    The obvious are going to be discussed -

    1. How do we get better against the run?
    2. How do improve the middle of our D, via upgrades, scheme's, etc.?
    3. Who tells Osi he is a situational player? Easiest four yards in football last year was running at Osi as he "speed" rushes 10 yards up the field on first down.
    4. If Kenny Phillips comes back healthy, great. But what if he doesn't? As well, MJ has to go as well. He was brutal in 09.
    5. What do we do with our Linebackers? Is Simtim ready to start? How about Goff? Boley is really the only guy you pencil in. Can anyone cover a TE?
    6. Who is going to work with Tuck to take over the leadership role? If he isn't going to step up (not everyone is a leader) then who is it going to be on this D? Who is going to hold people accountable on the field?
    7. Why did they quit last year? See Panthers game.

    Then go see Reese and tell him. We will be a top 10 defense if you:

    1. Get us some safeties that can cover and play the run. The guys we have now clearly can't do the job (ex. Phillips).
    2. Upgrade our Backers, please. Let's start in the middle and go from there.
    3. If Canty, Cofield, and Alford are healthy that will help but another quality DT would be greatly appreciated.

    Let's start there....

    Chris B.

  8. He needs someone from the Bills that he likes that knows his scheme to help sell it to the players a safty would be great. Our GM needs to fine a middle backer, a corner and at least one ( that can COVER) safty. The play of the D line needs evaluation. Are they that bad or was the scheme they were in that bad. It is hard for me to believe that the players we have and the new additions are that bad based on past work histories but that is an important evaluation.

    We need one Guard and one tackle.

  9. 1. He needs to assess the injuries to players like Tuck, Phillips, and Pierce and determine if they'll be 100% ready to go at the start of next season

    2. Determine who's not going to be with team next season, I'd guess that both Rocky Bernard and CC Brown are automatically going to be released ASAP

    3. Find out who's going to be available once the Free Agency period begins, who fits into his defensive scheme and who the Giants have a reasonable shot of signing

    4. Get ready for the draft.