Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Day

End of business at the Giants offices has come and gone, and no word of any further firings. Unless something drastic happens tonight, I'm expecting a rather quiet weekend.

You never know, though, so I'll be keeping my ear to the ground.



  1. Thanks for keeping us all updated Ernie! We'd be lost without you!!

  2. explain how steve smith misses the pro bowl; a simple comparison of the numbers is sufficient to show that he deserves it. maybe somebody will come up lame and he'll get in

  3. For the last time, Steve Smith did NOT deserve the pro bowl. He had very few game changing/dynamic catches. Every other reciever had MUCH more to do with their teams success. I musta watched the Vikings 8 times and Rice had biggercatches than Smith had the whole season in EACH game. Not to mention the spark and big catches Miles Austin contributed. U can act like a Jets fan and simply look at #'s (#1 defense ar ar we can win it all) or use ur brain. How many big catches do u remember Smith having? 2?3? Coming in the first five weeks also. If Smith who will end up going anyway deserved the pro bowl because of #'s he would need 130 catches because his #'s while great, do not make him pro bowl worthy when u look at his whole body of work.

  4. Hey Ernie,

    I'm sure you've heard, but Pete Carroll supposedly has agreed to leave USC and coach the Seahawks, accorind to ESPN.

    What effect does this have on the Giants, as rumor has it he is going to get total control? Does it effect what coaches they could get or if their head scout is now staying?

    I personally am shocked he's leaving USC for Seattle, but I guess since the Trojans could be facing sanctions, now's as good as time as any to leave.

  5. One other thing, free agency isn't that far away, so I was taking a look at some of the players that would be available in a few weeks. Obviously we can't sign everybody, but Ernie, which of the following players do you think the Giants will/should go after:

    1. Karlos Dansby, LB, Arizona -- the guy's a stud LB and is only 28.
    2. Ryan Clark, S, Pittsburgh -- Regardless of what happens with Phillips we need another safety.
    3. Richard Seymour, DT, Oakland -- He's a Pro-Bowler who has played in a 3-4.
    4. Vince Wilfork, DT, Patriots - Same as Seymour.
    5. Casey Hampton, DT, Pittsburgh -- Another player that could play the nose if the Giants decide to switch to a 3-4.

    I doubt all five of the players would make it to free agency, but what do you think Ernie?

    Who should the Giants go after?

    I say try to get Hampton and Clark. The Giants would add a solid safety and a good DT (or NT if they switch to a 3-4).

  6. with Jim Mora out of seattle, coudl he get dragged into the DC reckoning?

  7. Ryan Clark was on the Giants about a hundred years ago. The Giants need young fast players and should go back to what works, the draft.

  8. Looking forward to more G-Men info Ernie!!!

    As for Smith granted he probably didn't have as many spectacular catches as Rice, but his production was spectacular none the less on a team that basically had no running game and some really bad pass protection this year...basically a team that was a total mess, yet Smith was reliable and constantly moved the chains. His third down production was also spectacular. Not only that but he made a proclamation before the season started, that he was the No.1 guy and that he could play like the No.1 guy...well he did and he backed his claim to the hilt with hard work and dedication!

    Should he have been to the Pro-Bowl? In my opinion yes. But hey he is young and I know he will be in eventually.