Monday, January 25, 2010

Not A Waste

As just about everybody knows, the Pro Bowl itself is a colossal waste of time, basically a lightweight all-star game with rosters compiled through a flawed system.

But there's something far more important going on this week. The Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., a game that pits top draft talent from the North and South, begins practices this afternoon. General manager Jerry Reese, of course, is there, as are the Giants' scouting department.

The coaching staff, however, will not attend. That's not unusual. They didn't go in 2007, either, in order to save some money and get their new defensive coordinator, Perry Fewell, up and running. It worked out well for them that year, so there's no reason to think it will hurt them this time around. Aside from actually talking to the players, something the scouts can do, the coaches can get most of what they need from the tapes.

Besides, there's a much bigger thing coming up. The Scouting Combine goes from Feb. 27-March 2 in Indianapolis, and the entire coaching world shows up for that. But rest assured, Reese and the scouts will be keeping a close eye this week on the Senior Bowl participants, especially those they project in their round-by-round clusters.

If you want to look in, NFL Network is televising all the practices.



  1. thank you time warner for making sure i can not watch the NFL netword

  2. I second that one Scott, i almost switched to verizon and probably still should. The NFL Network seems great.

  3. i will switch to verizon the second my building becomes wired for it

  4. I got fed up with Time Warner and switched to Direct TV. I love having the nfl network.

  5. I'm going to have to agree with the above. The NFL Network is a must-have if you're an NFL fan. I switched from Cableivision to Verizon, and it's pretty good.

    Honestly, I don't think there's a huge difference between the two carriers, but I can't stand the Dolan family and would rather go without TV then pay those crooks any more money.

    Anyway, the NFL Network (and the MLB for that matter) are really good. You get a lot more sports channels with Verizon than Cablevision. Hell, I even get the Big Ten Network.

  6. Again, Ern. I would love a run down on our what your take is on management and strategy at this thing, etc. based on what Reese and his team has done in the past and where the needs are on this team.

    Chris B.

  7. Keep calling Verizon and ask when it will be available in your area. Trust me the squeaky wheel gets the oil. By the way Fios is better than Cablevision. Sorry little bias there. Back to Football why not have "Pro Bowl" mid season like all other pro sports?J