Sunday, January 24, 2010


So much for gut feelings. Of course, I figured the Jets would do something wonderful and win this one. Not quite.

Almost, though. Three-point game going in the fourth quarter, can't ask for better than that if you're the Jets. It just goes to show what happens when Peyton Manning gets enough time to pick out his receivers. Amazing offense.

Meanwhile, give the Jets credit, too. They played with a lot of heart. Sanchez did a great job, and who knows if that running game wouldn't have finally gotten going had Shonn Greene remained available.

Well, on to Minnesota-New Orleans. I'm picking the Saints. Wonder if I'll go 0-for-2 today.



  1. I'm with you on the second pick. Never thought the Jets had a great chance against the colts

  2. I never thought I would see a QB comparable to Montana but Peyton is definately there.

    Go Saints. I have no issues with either team but it would be great for New Orleans.

    Chris B.

  3. Wayno...ah, no.

    First, you have Montana and Farve in the same group? Give me a break. Joe's game always rose when it mattered. Brady vs. Montana is at least interesting. I have a lot of respect for Brady, but I still take Montana. I watched too many games where he was the difference. Always calm and cool even when behind. The guy is the gold standard.

    Chris B.