Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sheridan On His Feet

For those few who thought former defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan caught a raw deal with the Giants, relax. He's landed on his feet. The Dolphins made it official something we knew last week, that he'll serve as Miami's inside linebackers coach.

In an odd twist, he might well end up working under another Giants former defensive coordinator. Mike Nolan, who just left the Broncos, is said to be interviewing for the Dolphins job. If they're smart, they'll take him, as he's always been one of the best defensive minds in the league. Nolan ran Dan Reeves' defense here from 1993-96. Among other things, he's the guy who gave Jessie Armstead, the soul of that 2000 Super Bowl unit, his starting spot.

UPDATE 3:20 p.m.: Nolan got the job.



  1. Why wasn't Mike Nolan interviewed for the Giants' DC position? Bad timing on the Giants part? Did he just become available as a candidate right after the Giants made their decision?

  2. He just left Denver over the weekend, after Fewell became the coordinator.

  3. From other reports, sounds like if the Giants had shown interest, Nolan could have been the Giants' DC. He runs 3-4, but with his connections to the Giants, seems like it would have been a great hire.

  4. Ugh...I don't really know why you any Giant fan in his/her right mind would want to hire Nolan back. I think Nolan is highly overrated as a DC. Granted, in year 1 of his tenures as a DC anywhere, he does a very nice turnaround. It's the years after year 1 that are not so good, which is evidenced in his tenure here...