Sunday, January 24, 2010

Even Split

Well, I split on Championship weekend. Interesting Saints victory. I feel good for that franchise and that city, which has been through so much in recent years.

Think there'll be anybody on Bourbon Street tonight?

Think Brett Favre will want to do any dancing in the offseason after the beating the Saints handed him?

My pick for the Super Bowl: Indianapolis.



  1. The football gods will not let you win when you are as sloppy with the ball as the Vikings were today.

    Indy will open up as favorites and rightfully so.

    Chris B.

  2. Indy is 4.5 point favorites.

  3. Good thoughts. The people of New Orleans would be uplifted by a Super Bowl win. Hard not to root for them.

  4. Ernie,

    Two points/questions:

    1. Man, am I glad I'm not a Minnesota fan. Could the Vikings have mismanaged the last two minutes of the 4th quarter any worse? Peter King has a good summary of it over on SI, but come on. Those last 30 seconds were painful.

    How do you get caught with 12 men in the huddle on what should have been your final offensive play? Then Favre throws a terrible pass across his body, late and over the middle. Listen, I think the Saints got lucky with the interference call and a few other replays on that last drive, but Minnesota had its chance and they blew it. Big time.

    2. I don't have a major problem with overtime. It never really bothers me. But I know people hate it and want it changed. So, here's my proposal:

    Play out the full quarter like they do in basketball. The rest of the rules remain: each team gets three timeouts, all reviews are from the booth and during the regular season, if the score's tied at the end of OT, then it's a tie game. And obviously in the playoffs you keep playing until the game's over. But eliminate the sudden death aspect of it and just play another quarter of football.

    As I said, Minnesota should have stopped the Saints in OT, but they didn't. I have no problem with the way the game ended, but that would be my solution to the OT "problem."

    What do you think?

  5. Hard not to favor Indy when New Orleans needed the Vikes to self destruct and a horrendous PI call in OT to win. That game was pre-season sloppy. If that's the best the NFC has to offer, you might as well give Peyton the Lombardi now and save us from watching another tedious, blow out Super Bowl.